Dynamo hubs

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  • Nope, the first 'incident' was the end of August, rode it on until he second big dunk mid-October, gave it a rinse in the shower then it sat doing nothing until December, only when it was in the truing stand at the LBS was it noticed.

  • On servicing...

    Are SP hub dynamos user serviceable?
    Alas, SP hub dynamos are not user serviceable and indeed we are aware of no hub dynamos that are based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Any attempt to service a SP hub dynamo will void its two-year warranty. We have received quite a number of requests from consumers on how they might service their hubs even accepting that attempting to do so would void their two-year warranty. They accept this risk thinking that this would save the need to disassemble and rebuild the wheel. Unfortunately, the design of SP hub dynamos like that of many other brands requires disassembly of the wheel for bearing replacement. Furthermore, the delicate generator mechanism housed within the hub body must be re-calibrated to tolerances of less than a millimetre each time bearings are replaced. Failure to carry out this operation properly (which is likely without expert knowledge, experience and tools), will generally result in catastrophic failure of the generator mechanism after a period of use. SP engineers have considered making their hubs user serviceable (with much prodding from IDC at the behest of our technically savvy testers). But the expertise and equipment required to carry out recalibration of the generator mechanism each time the bearings are replaced presents a technical hurdle that SP engineers, and indeed all other hub dynamo manufacturers we are aware of, have so far declined to attempt.

    Source: https://intelligentdesigncycles.com/page­/faqs

  • No shortening but 3M electrical tape instead of heavy duty serflex. And a better routing close to the frame's tubes

  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks

  • My d1 arrived today http://d1.igaro.com

    Haven't ridden anywhere with it yet but initial impressions using the 'spin wheel with hand' technique are great.

    Works perfectly charging iPhone/ garmin/ bike light whilst also powering my supernova front light.

    Will report back with more thorough review when I've ridden somewhere with it.

  • Sounds good! I got one on order. Gonna pair it up with my Lumotec.

  • SP-8 vs. SP-8X

    What's the difference?

    Need CenterLock. Need normal QR (not QR15). So, I think SP-8X needs axle adapter for normal QR.

  • SP-8X is just the thru axle version of the SP-8 Both give you 6W/3V

    The SP-9 is rim-brake only.

    You need the PL-8 version (SP-8) that comes with centerlock and normal QR, and has 28/32 spokes options

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  • SP PL-8 is centrelock + 9mm qr
    SP PL-8X is centerlock + 15mm axle, they offer an adapter to use this with a 9mm qr.

    The bearings in the X series are a little bigger and the flanges a little taller and further apart. I think the chart also suggests they're slightly more efficient, but they are £50 more and would need the adapter for your fork.

  • Yeah, they're called Xtreme, presumably for a reason. Would make sense to buy the one with better bearings as the hubs are non user serviceable so longer time before service = better.

    But I would need the adapter axle (but that would also make it more versatile should I buy QR15 fork).

  • Worth checking with ISON or your LBS but I think it comes with the adapter

    I'm about to replace my dyno wheels, considering going to go for the X this time round but want to check it in the forks, with rotors and caliper first as I did have a little trouble with the last one.

  • What trouble?

  • The arm of the caliper only just cleared the spokes, under heavy braking/cornering you'd hear them clipping against it. Solved by moving the rotor outwards toward the fork with a spacer (Hope make them in a variety of thicknesses).

    For completeness, this was the 6bolt version of the hub, TRP Spyre SLC w/ stock 160 rotor + adapter on a Surly straggler fork...

  • I'll not worry about my combo yet then. Cheers.

  • Yes, the shaft adapter is supplied.

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  • Sorry about the image quality, I took them with the phone. :)

    I'm working in the website to show and sell better the SP dynamo hubs!

  • How hard is it to swap the axle? Does it just slide into the thru-axle 15mm space?

    Are you selling new PL-8X hubs?

  • The hub have 2 years wuarranty or 20.000 k (incluyed the bearings).

    I have used twohubs (testing for SP), and I have exceeded 20,000 k using in the worst conditions. So hard than I need to replace before the rim (with 19.500 k) after a hard winter.

    Finally I replace the first hub with 25,800 k, until I began to notice slack on the left bearing, while the operation was still correct and electronics intact. .

    The second wheel I'm still using, and It's the same that I used on the TransAm Bike race after tested 7.000kms. Actually have 20,580 k and looks nice.

    You can send me the hubs (If I sold them) to replace bearings because they are cheap, but I think it's not a good option If you need to pay the shipping cost +10€ by the bearings and 30€ by hand-work.

    You can find me on the SP catalogue. :)

  • How hard is it to swap the axle? Does it just slide into the thru-axle 15mm space?

    Are you selling new PL-8X hubs?>

    I never used it (15mm hubs). But you only need to put the adapter inside of the 15mm axel.

    Yes I'm currently selling PL-8X I only have them with 32 Holes.

    I sold one last week to another randonneur that will ride the Athlantic Way

  • SV-9 is tiny.

  • SV-9 is tiny.>

    And lightweight!
    the lightest dynamo on the market! Only 309 grs, less than 11 oz (10.935 oz)

  • Yep. My front wheel with a dynamo is lighter than my rear wheel with Deore hub and same rim.

  • Jesse Carlsson (#1 on the TransAm) also used SP Dynamo, in that case SD-8.

    And Mike Hall won the Tour Divide 2013 with another SP Dynamo :D

  • How do I get one of those adaptor axles?

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Dynamo hubs

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