Dynamo hubs

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  • Thanks for the info. I did momentarily toy with the idea of trying to build them up myself but I've not the tools or any knowledge on what spokes and lengths to get and all that. It might work out more cost effective this way.

  • you could source the parts, then ask a wheel builder to measure up and order spoke lengths, then build for you? would still probably work out cheaper and you'll likely get a better wheelset out of it than buying otp

  • Cheers, that sounds like a good idea. Any recommended builders to go to?

  • Arkane wheelworks (broken_777 on the forum) is really great.

    Arup also forum approved. Don’t really know of any others but there are probably quite a few about!

  • Ah yeah, I had Arkane build me some wheels many moons ago.

  • If you're in London then maybe not useful, but in Bristol, RyanBuildsWheels or Strongheart Wheelworks

  • E London wheel builder: Stayer. See also wheelbuilding thread

  • Last wheel I had built up ended up costing parts plus about £50 for the labour which I decided was a bargain.

    No idea what current prices are but the previous components list cost seems reasonable. Do you need a full wheelset or just the dynamo front wheel?

  • Is it ok to leave this as is or should it be wrapped in heatshrink?

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  • Definitely heat shrink. And a blob of Vaseline or similar to seal the holes fully works wonders at keeping moisture out.

  • You really don’t need to if you don’t want to. It’s remarkably robust.

  • My search is failing - has anyone had any success with the SON thru axel to qr converter?

    Debating whether to get QR hub for my needs or future proof with thru axel hub and use converter. What I can’t find is a definitive “your lights will still work when using the adapter”…

  • I'm using that converter on one of my bikes. Light works just fine.

  • Fantastic news!

  • SON sell a 12mm to 9mm QR adapter …

  • I’ve got the one Hunt have, it’s been fine

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Dynamo hubs

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