Dynamo hubs

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  • I've asked mate to see if he's still likely to use it.

  • Is there any sort of clip/adapter to be able to use SP dyanmo clips with SON dynamo metal tabs?

    ie. http://www.bicycles.net.au/forums/viewto­pic.php?t=98734

  • Would also maybe be interested if you can be bothered to post it.

  • Not officially, you can plug the box in but long term it damages the spades.

    I would just get 2 male connections onto some 5cm of wiring into an SP box, add that in when you use the SP hub

  • You mean using a splitter on the light side, one going to SP one to SON?

    Or do you mean ending the light wire in SON spades and then having a 5cm wire with Spade---->SP clip that can be added into the mix when using an SP hub? I guess the latter is neater.

  • A separate piece that you add or remove depending on which hub you are using, I think that would look neat, barely notice it

  • I have one of these in black I'm not using if anyone is interested: https://brilliantbikes.co.uk/-brompton-h­ub-dynamo-lighting/3229-sp-dynamo-hub-sv­-8-28h-for-brompton.html

    It's the 28h, 74mm OLD version with the small diameter axle for Brompton forks. It has had about 6 months of use.

    Does £65 sound reasonable?

  • just the hub, or the whole wheel?

  • Hub only, although I do have the correct length spokes to lace it to a standard Brompton front rim which I will throw in.

    I rode over a massive screw which went right through the tyre and rim so I had to replace the wheel quickly and just bought a non-dynamo one off the shelf. Haven't got the appetite to rebuild it and need to clear down some kit generally.

  • I'd be interested if your mate and @cornelius_blackfoot aren't.

  • Anyone with a Son notice a change in it's behavior over time?

    I have a SonDelux on my Soma Tradesman, and my lights used to come on from moving the bike even slightly, now 9 months later it feels like they wont turn on unless the wheel is rolling faster than I can walk the bike.

    I have a Busch & Muller IQ-X and Secula for lights. Maybe it's them?

  • From experience I would always vote it’s probably the lights/wiring over the hub itself.

    In 99% of cases it’s not a SON hub issue!

  • He's bowed out so I've got an SP PL-8 sitting here if you want it?

    It's black, 32h, CL, QR.

  • I’ll stand in queue please

  • Any issues with using a hub (specifically a Shimano DH-3D32) with a 20" wheel, for the front of a cargo bike, that I need to be aware of? Given the faster rotational speed over a 700c wheel.

  • Any experience with the Shimano DH-UR705-3D hub?
    AKA the XT thru axle dyno

    Seems to be the cheapest TA option

  • Having taken delivery of the updated fork for my CDF, I will sadly no longer be able to use my Cinq5 The Plug III usb charger, as there's nowhere to feed the cable out at the bottom of the steerer.

    I now weigh up my options of the Sinewave Revolution, Igaro D2, or the all-out option of the Sinewave Beacon. Anyone come across cool ways of attached the first two? Given all the integrated cable routing etc going on in dynamo land it seems a shame to have to cable tie a plastic box to the underneath of my stem.

    [edit - orrrr, exposure revo if those exposure out -> micro usb cables can be used]

    Also I may have a QR SP dynamo hub/wheel and The Plug up for sale soonish if anyone's in the market

  • Colour me interested in both. What's the wheel spec?

  • Halo Vapour XC rim to an SP PD-8 6 bolt qr, sapim spokes iirc. Handbuilt (by me), has been faultless for 12,000km.

    Still weighing up exactly how the new build spec is going to look, and what things to hold onto, but for the foreseeable at least I have no use for a QR disc dynamo.

  • Following as I have a similar issue with my Kinesis Range fork connecting to a K-lite converter.

  • Revolution has identical function, I’d vote that every time.

  • Anyone want an SP 36h black dynamo hub for £60 new? PM

    Edit: sold

  • I don't but you should probably say if its disc or not. QR presumably.

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Dynamo hubs

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