Dynamo hubs

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  • ISON or ION or something service the hubs in the UK I think. Not sure how they operate - maybe they replace it and send the dead one off? Depends how quick you need the wheel.

  • Yep, ISON Distribution do SP servicing in the UK. Conveniently, they're about 3 miles from my house.

  • Ooh nice, thanks both of you. I'll look into it.

  • AFAIK they swap you an already refurbed hub (your hub goes back to Taiwan for refurbishment and returned to join their refurbed stock). Reduces wait times

  • Yeah, I thought it was something like that. It's the same as what Garmin do with the units.

  • Buy a SON. close thread.

  • Twice the price and I'm still still using the SP hub I bought for TCR4 so I'm yet to see the need to "buy a SON". To be fair, one of those years of TABR and TCR was done on a second SP hub (QR) so the one I'm currently using had a rest. Neither have been serviced though.

  • How do you tell if a Dynamo hub is not spinning well/bad bearings as opposed to just the resistance from the mechanism?

  • Mine makes quite a loud cracking noise at times, only when the wheel is spinning. Not pleasant ha

  • I can get a DT Swiss 533d rim built up with a XT DH-T785 dynamo. 32 random spokes. about 110 euro's. Basically a cheap trekking wheel but would be great for my budget atm to put on my commuter. Any reason not to go for it? Still researching if I can make it tubeless but any other options are more expensive. I know other dynamo's are more highly adviced here but $$$ atm is low. It's probably either this or keep checking the classifieds for something second handed.

  • I have this and have used it for around a year. No issues, lights work well and charges a battery. Built the wheel myself using a Alex rim.

  • Is there still an LX dyno hub?

    Looking for the cheapest shimano nutted axle dyno hub that has a 6 bolt or spline disc fitting. I'm sure there used to be a small barrelled Nexus model but seems to have been bumped off for 2019

    XT are all QR, and nexus don't seem to have a disc variant any more, I figure with the new nexus 5 di2 heavy weight stuff there is a dyno hub coming along but its just not available yet?

  • Is using an SP PD-8 on a 20" wheel likely to cause issues? I note that they do a small wheel version, but I don't already own it.

  • I doubt it, since it'll just be like riding it on a big wheel at high speed all the time, but I don't exactly know

    Unless there's some consideration wrt spoke angles and hub flanges and other such mechanical magic

  • As aliasalias said it's just spinning faster. So if anything you could use the less powerful variant (SD-8 I think) which is slightly lighter and has slightly less drag. Small wheel variants are probably in the same vein (or are actually SD-8). But otherwise PD-8 should be fine if you have one already.

  • i have this setup in my soma tradesman since 2016, no issues.

    produces light with less effort than with 650b/700c wheel.

  • All good news. I'll be traveling slow most of the time, so it sounds like a good thing.

  • I am looking for a QR Disc dynamo front wheel 700c, if you've got one you want rid of let me know.
    Looking to build a dad bike on the cheap.


  • Looking for a 26” rim brake wheel with dynamo for my beater.

    Black ideally.

    Happy with a dirt cheap hub also - sub £25

  • I need a dynamo hub - that looks like the cheapest way to get one and it's a whole wheel!

  • I have an SP 32h QR CenterLock here. I was going to take it to a mate in Oz but I'll see if he still wants it if you're still looking for something?

  • still looking, am hoping for a built wheel, less hassle on my end, but can do a hub if the price is right (as low as I can get it obvs)

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Dynamo hubs

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