Dynamo hubs

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  • Don't have the monies for a SON unfortunately.

  • Look second hand or save up. There is a reason they're more money.

    Sp are better than they used to be, but not as good as son.

    A son will last a lifetime. Especially with the 100,000km warranty.

  • Got a sinewave beacon, use a zendure 1000mah, no point going bigger than that.

    Needs to be a powerbank hat supports pass through and is happy with a non steady charge.

    not cheap but works well, make sure you get one of the non usb-c ones.

  • They look good! Ordered. #probuyer

    Cc @hippy

  • I hear you but I have other things I want to spend the extra money on. This is really just for commuting and maybe some weekend touring.

  • £380 for Beacon. I've already got Supernova Triple but I've not fitted it yet. I have Zendure and Anker cache batts in various sizes already.

  • I meant the battery.

    My anker doesnt like pass though.

  • Sure.

    Just get from a retailer with good customer service incase you have issue.

  • I never use mine as pass-through. It seems silly. Just charge the battery and then use the battery.

  • I just want to almost leave battery 0luged in all the time. One less thing to think about.
    Plus harder fiddle with stuff off road. Means stopping

  • Yeah, I get that. I like to keep mine unplugged because then I can put everything away and it keeps dry. I also reckon the connectors last longer if they're not always in and bumping around.
    I'd likely change my setup if I was off-road.

  • This is exactly what I do. leave it plugged in all the time and it charges whatever device i need/tops up wahoo/phone/vape...

    Also nicely made and solid. have dropped it in water ridden over it etc. It still works.

  • Not cheap indeed... but if the pass-through function actually works then I’ll probably go for one. I like having a bit more capacity so I can plug stuff in when stopped (the wahoo won’t take a charging cable when mounted upfront), so would probably stick to 6700mah. The smallest the appear to do is 3500mah too, possibly discontinued the small one you’ve got?

  • Which wahoo is it? The elemnt can take a cable on a normal (i.e. not a bolt aero) mount which I've found useful at times - maybe worth playing around as it worked for me

  • Honestly, just get a Jtek, it’s almost identical to SP a little bit cheaper, no issue with any failures to date, and one myself and it’s pretty damn good can’t fault it, wouldn’t pay any more unless you were going to spend SON money which I did for my proper road bike - mainly because bolt through

  • What sort of problems happen? I've recently built a 24h SON hub, but ran out of tubeless tape and haven't fitted it to anything yet

    @platypus might be referring to my whinge about a 24h sp9 on here a while ago. 24h really is too few for me.

    I had built the 24h SP9, laced to a 38mm deep carbon rim, for a rim-brake & mudguards setup with very tight clearances. The sp9 has quite a lot of spacer/flanges close together, and so the spoke angle is quite shallow. I think the flange spacing, with 24 spokes proved too narrow to stop the rim from flexing at the top, pushing into the brakes/mudguard when I climbed out of the saddle and flopped the bike around a bit.

    I’m heavyish. Apparently carbon rims flex differently from alu, meaning the most likely place they’ll egg out under load is at the top. If I’d lost weight, or used an alu rim, or disc brakes, more spokes, more clearance, the problem would have gone away. I built another wheel, 28spokes, with a wide-body SON hub (flanges as far apart as possible). The problem went away.

    If you avoid my sorts of requirements for the Shutter hub it’ll probably be fine. SON can be serviced for a max £60 in Germany.

    You pays your money...

  • Ah right - my SON is on an alu rim and I weigh probably average or a little under for a roadie type human so hopefully it’ll be fine. Incredibly still haven’t got round to fitting that wheel to a bike...

  • It's the elemnt, on the aero mount (non aero mount space is taken up by Garmin...). Luckily the battery life is good enough that I only need to plug it in once a day, then a bit more at the end of the day. I'm running two GPS (Wahoo and Garmin) so can afford to take one off to charge for a bit if needed.

  • I’ve always wondered if you could squeeze in a right angled micro usb charger in between the mount and the bars.

  • Wait are beacons really £380? That’s £100 more then in the US.

  • Import tax basically accounts for it right? Buying from US and paying the duty makes it the same to buy from SJS or Sinewave direct....

  • Welcome to Brexit Britain.

    Actually most boutique US stuff is more over here. Because everyone wants a cut I guess.

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Dynamo hubs

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