Dynamo hubs

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  • Drill through the mount, thread it and pop in a grub screw

  • Yeah, what he said^

    I have a SON 28 hub which has lived outside for 4 years and had a daily rattle down various tow paths- the bearings expired and I was cursing myself for buying it through a German eBay shop for the sake of saving £20.
    I got in touch with SJS who said so long as I had my receipt they'd send it back for warranty. They did and 2.5 weeks later I had a fully serviced hub back in my hands for the price of what it cost to send it to SJS.

    Without a receipt and regardless of age the cost is capped at about £60 or something like that. I think this is very reasonable and a great service that you'd not get with other manufacturers.

    I say this for anyone that is on the fence with which brand to buy.

  • Is a suitable cable for dynamos/lights available in most electrical shops and if so, what am I looking for in terms of rating etc? Thanks

    Edit, it looks pretty standard so I will just get some generic wire 0.75mm dual core wire unless someone suggests differently.

  • I'm not sure but I don't think it's something most electric shops carry, you'd need to see a 12v specialist, like a car/camper/boat electrical supplier?

    SJS sell it by the meter, you could try Bikefix in town?
    I tried to get a length from Condor once but wasn't special enough for them to sell it to me.

  • https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=­https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm­%2F261929589024

    I used this, 0.5mm is ample, it’s nice durable cable though, had it taped to my frame for a year and it hasn’t got a mark on it, and cheap.

  • No connection to the seller but this seems like a bargain to me. I've no use for something with such low spoke count.

    Edit: potential issues with this low number spoke count (see below). Do your research.

    EDIT 2: Auction is gone (link went to something else). It was a 24 hole SP Dynamo.

  • weren't they the ones that had a problem with stability or something given the low number of spokes?

  • I'd not heard that.

    I'll update my comment.

  • I’ve offered £35 🤭

  • You get it? Bargain!

  • What sort of problems happen? I've recently built a 24h SON hub, but ran out of tubeless tape and haven't fitted it to anything yet

  • Haha indeed. No QR fork for it to go in like but I’ll figure something out

  • I'm looking at getting my first dynamo wheels built up.

    Is SP SV-9 a better choice than the SV-8?

    And is there any reason to not get Kinlin XR31 rims?

    Thanks in advance

  • any reason to not get Kinlin XR31 rims?

    I've used these for the last few years of ultra racing. The only problem I've had was a car driving into the back of me and destroying the wheel but I think you'll agree that's unlikely to be the wheel's fault...

  • was it wearing hi viz?

  • The bike was and the two rear lights were working quite well.

    Amazing though that none of this matters if the driver is looking at their phone...

  • did they get 6 points on their licence or nothing but a slapped wrist?

  • Some kind of driver education course, ie. slapped wrist.

    "Step 1, when driving, look out the fucking window"

  • The front one preferably

  • I mean, any window, would be an improvement.

  • Maybe asking too much.

    Possible compromise...

  • ha!

  • Recommendations for small battery pack to use as cache battery? I’ve got a sinewave revolution wired to an SP hub, but the 6700mah Ravpower battery pack I have ain’t charging properly. The setup charges my phone absolutely fine (25% to full in 2 hours) but it’s getting nowhere with the battery pack. The sinewave unit does seem to heat up more charging the battery pack than the phone, not sure what’s going on.

  • I have some stock Arkose wheels that I'm not using, WTB ST i21 rims. Thinking of getting the SP PL-8 and lacing it on myself. Any concerns or suggestions?

  • Get a son if you can

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Dynamo hubs

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