Overhauling Blue Fleet's Cannondale Lefty DLR 100

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  • A torch is going to torch the paint, so that's a bit of a last resort. Not sure I can be bothered with that, though it'll give it a nice "rat" look? ;)

    But maybe some gentle heat on the electric hob can work?

    I could put the metal stanchion bit at the bottom on the heat so that the painted outside tube doesn't get direct heat. The steel should heat up and the inside tube should also get hot, heating up the bearings and other bits I cannot get to.

    Not sure that is quite "hot" enough though... my partner thinks not and he's more into mechanical engineering than I am.

  • Yeah I don't think it's a realistic option.

    Of course with caustic soda you could melt the upper tube from the lower - you wouldn't have much left worth salvaging in the end given half the damper is alu too though!

  • As this "FFS it's rusted shut!!!!" problem is a common one, there's gotta be a way around it...

    Just need to find it :)

    My colleague said his car spring compressor is too short, so that is out.

  • Hello
    Been looking at this thread for a while,i also have a 2000 lefty in need of service,not rusted solid but not smooth,and lockout doesnt work

    Anybody got some good sources on info that i can use,and any dimensions on kidney tool to try to diy it,also bearing reset tool is needed when reassembling from what i have found?

  • Resurrecting this as I've landed my hands on old lefty too. It was slightly seized, but some wd-40 and rubber mallet freed it up. It now does move but feels rough. Compresses all the way tho if needed.

    Any chance of tearing it up without the KT004 tool at all? I've got a fair few bits and bobs to work on my car, and I'm also stubborn and stupid lol.

    I guess I shall summon @Howard here too, just in case he has unsubscribed lol.

  • I don't have a lefty, and no plans to acquire one, but thoroughly enjoyed the read when this popped up in the feed!

  • Not sure if I still have the tool. If I do it’s buried in the chaos of our shed.

    It’s a nice idea trying to renovate these but parts availability will be very bad now.

  • It's more of a challenge/quest. I've already bought it and it's already there. Doubt I'll make it any worse lol.

    You got any manuals left by any chance?

  • Um. Possibly. Will have a look.

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Overhauling Blue Fleet's Cannondale Lefty DLR 100

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