What do you think about while cycling?

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  • Amazed that this thread didn't already exist on here, I discovered BMMF had written this hilarious/tragic Tumblr post back in Jan 2013:

    What Do You Think About While Cycling: [INDENT] "that looks nice", “I’m hungry", “look at that", “I’m thirsty", “not seen anything like that for a while", “I need to shift position", “it’s so quiet", “here comes a bend", “I’ve not seen a car for over half an hour", “mmm, banana flavour", “engage my glutes", “the trees have changed", “I’m going to write another book", “I’m hungry", “hello, other cyclist", “what will I eat when I get home", “I’ll go fast for a bit", “what the fuck is life about anyway", “I’m hungry and thirsty", “fuck off, cunt", “wow, look at that", “I love cycling", “I hate cycling", “something about the human condition".
    [/INDENT]So, people aren't shy about sharing all manner of ideas and opinions on this forum but what about the random thoughts, creative brainwaves, jokes and/or bizarre conversations with all have with ourselves at times, as we cycle?

    I want to hear about yours!

  • My ass.

  • I just get a 2-line snippet of some godawful pop song (whatever was last on capital or being played repetitively on tv) going round and round in my head. It's annoying.

    Current track: Get lucky by daft punk

  • You bastard, now I've got Daft Punk rammed up my brain hole.

  • I wonder if I've turned the oven off. Checking repeatedly in my head.

  • "My knee hurts"

  • "Oh only another 9 hours riding to go today"

  • "Fuck off cunt, or I'll shove that fucking car up your arsehole and inside the cavity where a brain should be but isn't"

  • "ARGH! Fucking potholes!"

  • "Why does my arse always chaff on one side?"

  • ^^^ you loves it!

  • "I wonder how many of these gels I have left"

  • "What was that clunk?"

  • "Keep going, this might win you a fiver"

  • "Can't wipe snot on new gloves, shit, now what?"

  • x100 to potholes, and then "I'm emailing X immediately about this! Pahhhhh! Fnuking useless....etc."

  • "Look here cunt, YOU'RE the one stepping out into traffic, how about you watch where you're fucking going!"

  • "Where the fuck am I?"

  • "Which way should I go today?"

  • Where am I?

    Oh wait, that one happens all the time :-(

  • "Christ, only another 10 hours of this"

  • "Fucking Garmin"

  • "Fucking rain"

  • "Fucking potholes"

  • "Fucking BMWs"

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What do you think about while cycling?

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