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  • Wait until you meet ChainBreaker. He's the very embodiment of hipster iconography.

    My half long hair and dirty skinny jeans with second hand shirts with checks and wolves! Compliments my twirly mustache and nose plug!!

  • Are you LaneBreaker or chainer?

    Has some weird merge happened?

  • Lol.

    I had to base my image on someone

  • no self bumps dude.

    It either sells or you drop your price

  • Yeh man, of course i understand, just need to sell this asap lol. Ill delete the ad now. Matt

    Well done, and welcome to LFGSS.

  • If your legs are not tough enough then you probably should look into getting a rear brake, not just front.

  • Or just gear down.

  • Or toughen up

  • Personally, he can do what ever he wants, as long as he abides to the rules

  • We were all newbs once and I'm sure we all bought a bike or two that was totally unsuited for our needs but we bought it anyway because we didn't know better. Good luck with your sale and don't be put off with brakeless. Practice will make perfect.

  • I reckon everyone should give Messy a....brake. On a serious note, cut the guy some.......slack?
    My two cents is that Messy, you're doing the right thing by selling this. Maybe do a little bit of homework, look into the kind of ratio that will suit you. Consider the kind of riding you're doing, how hilly or flat your regular rides are etc. If I was you, I'd do what most 'fixie' riders do at the beginning- either get hold of a cheap track frame or a fixed-converted road bike and actually have a go at riding fixed, playing around with different ratios until you're comfy with whichever one you end up using the most, then spend some time thinking carefully about what kind of frame you think you'll be suited to. Shop around, ask questions on here, read posts, see how the 'rules' work (to avoid ear-bashing from the LFGSSPD) and don't rush into anything, especially if you're on a limited budget

    Good luck with the sale \m/

  • Who needs brakes. Get an anchor - throw it out when you need to stop.


  • Has this been resolved yet?

  • Get an anchor

    This one?

  • Still think its a great looking frame, I'd really try what Indra and others have said before you flog it.

  • sell me the stem

  • yep



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