• R.I.P Cyclist. My heart sinks when I see the black.

  • Sad news, RIP rider.

    There were times last year when it felt we rarely saw the blue logo, and felt that nasty wrench of the gut you get every time you see it. Hopefully we'll see less of the black for the rest of the year.

  • Horrific to see the black again. Our thoughts are with this guy's friends and family.
    More reporting here:

    It mentions that the new Cycling SuperHighway 5 was planned to go this far, but it now stops at New Cross Gate. I'm off to TfL shortly to discuss their plans for the bit they are building . . . .

  • RIP fellow cyclist. Condolences to all who knew you.
    Ride free.

  • RIP to this guy. I ride this junction every day and it's not safe.

  • There is a particular problem with this junction at the moment due to the building of Glass Mill leisure centre closing the bus stop outside which now allows filtering up the left of traffic that usually is not possible as there are always buses loading unloading.

    Add the cyclecrossing across Loampit to the long queues in both directions and the one way from Brookmill Road there are always vehicles of all descriptions jumping lights from all directions.

  • RIP, sad news.

  • RIP cyclist.
    I ride this junction to my sister's, very close to home.

  • I'm going to be putting a ghostbike there tomorrow pm, looking for locks or chain & padlock, anyone local can flow lock & paint stuff/help me paint and install? Bike being donated by Ladywell bike shack guy, Mark, who is the victim's cousin.

  • Sad day. RIP

  • C'mon, shitty padlock & chain needed...

  • Oh no!
    This is just round the corner from me and I ride through here regularly.
    Somehow, it always seems to hit home more when it's right on your back door step.
    A particularly dodgy section of road.
    RRIP (ride and rest in peace).

  • Just got my hands on a massive Oxford motorbike chain - no padlock though. PM me or email and I will ride out after work tomorrow.

  • This is a dark day indeed. Just near me and I cycle past that junction often. Really hammers it home, RIP to the rider and thoughts to the family.

    Ride safe people.

  • Rip

  • Black logo. Black day. Rip cyclist :'(

  • :-( RIP cyclist.

  • I'm going to be putting a ghostbike there tomorrow pm, looking for locks or chain & padlock, anyone local can flow lock & paint stuff/help me paint and install? Bike being donated by Ladywell bike shack guy, Mark, who is the victim's cousin.

    shit man, Mark is a good guy too. I've got chain I can donate, but it's in my storage unit. Skully, I'm not free tomorrow afternoon but am happy to pay for a length of chain and a padlock for the cause - PM me?

  • F: will do.

  • Lewisham Cyclists would be happy (wrong word) honoured, to donate the lock. A few of us are heading down that road this evening after our rides coordination meeting.
    We received a reply yesterday from TfL to an email we sent them about a month ago when we learned they had scrapped this road from the CS5 route, communicating our concern that no attention was being paid to give cyclists a safe route through here. They have said they have plans for this whole stretch of road and will be contacting us to arrange a meeting. So we want to pay our respects and really look carefully at the whole area, so we are well prepared for this meeting. We are all feeling so, so sad for this young man, and his friends and family. Will be thinking about him at our meeting tonight.

  • In posting the above, I am assuming that this is all OK with the family? I wouldn't want to do anything they hadn't approved and were alongside.

  • I will communicate with Mark now just to ask him to contact the immediate bereaved family to gain their assent.

    Please PM me to discuss further.

  • Really glad you asked, saoirse. Mark has asked us to wait a bit, to see if we can let the family have some space.

  • A MAN has been bailed following the Lewisham death of cyclist Paul Hutcheson on Monday.

    The 41-year-old, named locally as Mr Hutcheson, from Lee, died following an accident at Loampit Vale.


  • The same newspaper carries a sensitive and helpful piece with immaculate timing:

    WITH TfL figures suggesting cyclists now make up a quarter of vehicles on London’s roads in morning rush hour – is it time for bicycle riders to be licensed and insured?

    If one in four road users is on a bike and cycling is a much less marginal method of transport than previously thought, should cyclists now be subject to regulation in the same way as motorists – such as being required to pass a test?

    Should bicycles have number plates and cyclists subject to points for breaching traffic rules? Should bike riders also pay towards the upkeep of roads?


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2013-06-24 - Rider Down/Fatality, Loampit Vale (Lewisham, London)

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