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  • Must mean it has a step down from USB somewhere.

    They've put a buckboost supply on there, which is really cool - you can supply anything from 1.8V to 5.5V and the supply will knock it up/down to 3.3V regardless

  • Yup, I'm being a moron. Thanks for explaining that.

    I wish other manufacturers provided documentation of this quality!

  • I've got all excited, filled a pi hut basket, realised I'd need to solder on the headers, got sad I don't have access to the lab anymore but am ordering anyway. uC, headers, cables and components, breadboard etc all for £25 is amazing value compared to arduino.

    Might be a good time to start building up that home lab anyway? I'm hoping finishing my studies will free up some energy to do some own-time tinkering again.

  • I've pretty much disbanded mine just because I was spending so much time tinkering and not working. I think i'll be reversing that soon.

    Thinking about treating myself to a new soldering iron.

  • I got a cheapo heat sink case off eBay for my pi3 that sits behind the telly running Pi-Hole and nothing else. Was running around 45-50c in the standard case and is a steady 35.5 now. Was a bit doubtful of the thermal pads it came with but they seem like genuine 3M ones at least and it’s keeping things cool.

  • Pico

    This thread is about my level. Might get one to see if I can learn owt from owning one.


  • I think I missed this. Thanks, will look further into it.

  • need to solder

    I ordered a couple of real time clock units for my Zero's the other day. Forgot I'd need to solder the header on too. Might get round to it by 2024.

  • Great service from Pi Hut - my bits arrived this morning, looking forward to plugging in and having a click about for what to do with it before I've soldered in the headers.

    @rhb when covid eases off a bit I'll likely borrow some kit for a weekend - I'll let you know and I can pick them up and do them or you can borrow for a day

  • Thanks for the offer, I have a basic soldering iron & solder so should just crack on & do it really. I'd offer to do yours too but I'd be worried about frying it, but if you're really stuck for borrowing kit you can borrow mine. It's not as fine a point tip as would be ideal iirc.

  • Hi guise. I’ve finally bought a pi zero WH and an Adafruit LED matrix and bonnet from pimoroni for a bit of fun. Got a Sd card too loaded with NOOBS.

    All a learning curve for me as first pi and I only coded in VBA before.

    So far I got it set up with a monitor, then ditched that and went in over SSH from windows power shell on my laptop. Got the pi set up with the LED matrix and ran a couple of the test projects from howchoo including a cool crypto ticker.

    I want to make my own ticker to display information about the national grid in real time, luckily there’s an API but I will need to write a programme to pull the right information and display it.

    Love learning new stuff. What’s the best place apart from here to learn/discuss Python?

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  • There's probably a slack or discord channel for London python programmers. That's usually a good place to start.

    And there's always stack overflow

  • I bought one of the Janglettes a Raspberry Pi kit from Maplin ages ago.

    I’m not sure if all the bits are still in the box, but we’re having a bit of a de-clutter, so FREE to a good home.

    Collection from Greenwich SE10.

    PM if interested.

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  • Just discovered raspicast for android, meaning I can now interrupt 6music with my own choice of tunes or youtubemusic etc from my phone to the pi digizero. The YouTube bit isn't working well yet, however.

    Anyone else tried it & found this with YouTube?

  • I ordered a pico and some bits that look like they should go with it. Very much a learning excercise to embark upon. If I can make an LED light up I think I'll be over-achieving

  • I was pondering setting up a traffic counter (webcam out of my bedroom window and some clever shit to recognise cars).

    Looking online it looks like it's possible but the majority of sites are "what I did" rather than "how to do it" and not knowing Python makes it tricky to see what needs to be done.

    Anyone done anything like this? Will be happy to accept non-raspberry pi solutions too.

  • Pico arrived. Much excitement and bewilderment.

    In other news Raspicast still doesn't, well, not reliably anyway.

    I found that a simple but slightly cumbersome copy n paste via vnc to vlc "play network stream" will play YouTube but some are patchy, any that are more than a static picture as the zero hasn't got the power to handle the video.

    I guess Spotify etc might be better option as just sending audio.

  • Achievement unlocked.

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  • I got one of these years ago but never used. If anyone wants it I’d be happy to post for the cost of the postage.

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  • Would anyone be interested in my 32blit?



    I signed up for the Kickstarter on a bit of a whim, but have realised I’m never going to actually make use of it.

    I’ve turned it on and played around with it for about half an hour, but other than that it’s brand new.

    I paid £96 as an early bird backer, happy to let it go for £65 to someone on here.

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  • ^ looks cool but beyond me! glws

    In other news it's all kicking off about Microsoft on pi


  • Really love the idea of this.

    My wife started writing some games recently. Just trying to figure out if she'd enjoy coding for a handheld.

  • I definitely don't need another project, but I did enjoy creating a snake clone back when I was at uni... The kickstarter mentions a bunch of tutorials, are these online somewhere?

  • Speaking of Pi gaming, does anybody have a suggestion for a good place to download retropie roms?

  • I was looking into this recently to build something for my daughter to use for gaming. The questions of legality around downloads of the more popular games made me decide to buy a classic snes thingy instead, 21 games with no hassle.

    I might revisit as a future project though so interested if folks do have links.

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Raspberry π

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