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  • Noted, ta.

  • We have no no heating or light controls that might benefit from 24/7, we're probably behind the curve a fair bit on stuff like this.

  • I want to try and set up a Pi media server for the house (I think...), mainly because lockdown is draining and I'm bored of being tied to Spotify etc.

    That said, I can't seem to find a decent tutorial for actually doing this. Everything I've seen either presumes an insane level of tech knowledge, or is simply "buy x".

    Am I missing something out there? I'm happy to learn new things and put some effort in, but I'm drawing a blank so far. Any ideas?

  • Depends exactly how you want to use it, for example

    1. I have openmediavault runnig on the pi3 that acts as a general network file server. This can be used to access files from any networked device
    2. I have Kodi set up with tv headend connected to my tv to act as a recorder, player, connected to netflix etc. This can use files either from its own connected storage or the networked openmediavault server

    Perhaps Plex on pi may be the option that you are looking for.
    where inputs need to be put into the terminal, just copy and paste them from the installation guide.


  • Playing with zero & zerocam (noir but no ir source yet) and motioneyeos today. Test run in garden under bird feeder we have just seen a fox on screen (not pictured here) but I can't access the files remotely yet. I hope it saved to sd card. There's options to dump them to Google drive / photos but Google got very pissy about sending email notifications about motion detected from this.

    This might become part of my camp kit using my mobile as WiFi hotspot signal allowing and preview to phone screen.

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  • Re: pihole... it almost seemed too easy a setup in the end. I disabled dhcp on the virgin hub and enabled it on the PiB and most ads are gone on all devices it seems without impacting much else as yet.

    I had started to access that via ssh & vcn so i don't need keyboard/mouse/monitor on it but I'm not sure I've made things secure enough yet so have turned those back off for now.

    I'm working through this list of tasks:


    Have installed ufw on the pihole box but not enabled... would it be worth having on each device or is the pihole box enough as ours effectively the door to the outside world, even though every device still connects via the virgin router.

    I'm having to learn lots so might be some daft questions, I'd started all this 5yrs ago with the box I'm now using for PiHole but got sidetracked quickly then so basically starting over.

  • If anyboy else fancies a crack at this, I think I've got some Pi IR cameras going spare in the parts bin somewhere.

  • Woo hoo, erm, Rats.

    Edit. Or mice, the scale is hard to judge

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  • ^ I can view the jpg and mp4 files of this event over ssh so tried using scp to copy them to the other device but it asks me for a password. There's no password I've set that works, nor do the default pi or m.e.os passwords. It's like a puzzle to solve.

    Edit: it was asking for password for user Pi which doesn't exist in motioneyeos, different ssh from pi400 not phone allowed me to set username. Probably overlooking a simple setting in the phone version.

  • most things take <username>@<hostname> for the connection to specify auth as a different user.

  • I’d potentially be interested in one if they are going spare. Have a pikrellcam set up, but just a standard camera at the moment.

  • Todays camera setup, going in the hack/bodge thread too.

    Gone better resolution & higher fps too. Motion detection not working well though for some reason.

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  • Video if upload works

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  • I need to sort out setting one of these up. How long do you tend to get on a battery pack?

  • I’d potentially be interested in one if they are going spare. Have a pikrellcam set up, but just a standard camera at the moment.

    Any preference for normal or IR?

    Dont expect great things from Pi cams....they're really not much better than USB other than ease of config and settings.

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  • The IR would be great. What do you want for it?

    I’m aware the quality isn’t great. I’ve got a standard one that I set up with pikrellcam for filming animal visitors to the back garden.

    Though it has mainly just given me a visual record of my increasing waistline over lockdown.

  • It's cool, dont want anything for it. Just donate a beer to the forum and PM me your address.

  • Powercore Mini did 6hrs, think it's 3350ma.

    10,000ma one did a day shift & overnighter on one charge.

  • Python versions and virtual environments in RPis.

    Fuck off.

    That is all.

  • Cheers! Donation made. PM incoming.

  • Cheers.

    I have an annoying feeling I binned an old 20,000 mAh one that would have been perfect for this as part of house moving clearout.

  • Pi400 intermittently misdialing t'internet and ending up with a 169. prefix ip address. Other devices still connecting fine.

    Only solution so far is to reboot WiFi & PiHole, it reconnects fine for a few days then. Anyone else experienced this & found a solution?

  • I binned an old 20,000 mAh one that would have been perfect for this

  • Anyone used a pi to read OBD in a car?

  • Hi all, sorry if this is a regular question but I want to get a rpi starter kit for my 2 boys aged 7 and 9. Something with everything you need and a book of projects. Is there a forum favourite seller or anything?

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Raspberry π

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