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  • Chucking a Plex server on it may be the simplest solution

  • Shouldn't it be:

    Given current technological living room setup and user education
    And I have changed the NAS to the Raspberry Pi
    When Ms mashton attempts to watch Inspector Morse
    Then I do not get shouted at.

  • oh yes of course, two pre conditions

    plex is an option but it may be a bit too cpu intensive for #nofanlife

  • My general experience of TVs accessing DLNA streams is they're a bit shit.

    Plug in a Raspberry Pi or something and use Plex.

    Having said that, if it currently works with your NAS then I see no reason why it wouldn't work with your Pi.

  • I put Kodi/XBMC on a Pi 3, and it had terrible problems with buffering and stuttering.

    I never figured out if it was network issues or cpu issues, but I think I should try again with a Pi 4. Browsing DLNA shares via the TV is pretty painful

  • I recommend an Odroid C4 (just released, has CoreElec for it). I have one, 4k video no problem. It supposedly can do 8k 30fps h265, but not tried it myself. more expensive than the pi 4 though. EU/UK price seems crazy high at 72 euro. I think I paid $65 inc shipping from Korea (which was very quick)

  • Nice! Looks like it's got an IR receiver too. That could be handy.

  • Never had any trouble with my existing Zyxel piece of shit NAS.

    It helps that I have wired ethernet between the TV and the NAS.

  • MiniDLNA now configured and working, which is nice.

    I wish those HDs would arrive already.

  • Anyone using Sabnzbd? I'm having a little trouble setting up the folders.

  • Yep. It generally works fine for me except a weird thing where it briefly loses the incomplete folder when I restart (I'm assuming it's due to it being a network share)

  • I found a Pi 2 fine for general Kodi. It sometimes had issues with online streams and buffering though, not really sure why.

  • I think I need to modify the .ini file. Trying to only do this stuff for a few minutes at a time as I've been known to spend whole evenings on it without getting anywhere.

  • I did it all through the web interface. Not sure why you'd need to modify the ini file.

    EDIT: I've also changed the location for Incomplete downloads to a network drive as 30GB downloads and a 16GB sd card doesn't sound like a good combination.

  • I can probably lend a hand with sabnzbd too.

    under folders I have them all set to subfolders of a media directory on my local machine [unsorted, in progress, watch]

    then in categories I have

    where each folder is pointing at a mapped network share [chicago bulls drive naming scheme optional] with a media folder and subfolders within [TV, Movies]

    sidenote: on a Mac Automounter is a fucking godsend for keeping your network drives connected and accessible in a static location. well worth the couple of quid it costs.

    the only other setting which might be pertinent I can see is under Switches [advanced view] > Post Processing > Use tags from indexer is Checked.

    Downloads come into the machine sab runs on (my mac mini), then processed into the correct place on the nas based on tags from the indexer.

    This setup works with sonarr, radarr and using sabconnect++ browser plugin to add stuff to my queue from indexers directly (nzbgeek)

  • I've decided to upgrade to a pi4 4Gb, so that i can have USB3. Got a heatsink case as well, which should hopefully be enough cooling.

    The plan now is OpenMediaVault with RAID 1 drives. Got a cheap as chips 16GB SanDisk A1 SD card for the OS. Will put on the Plex pligin to act as the DLNA server.

    This will leave me with a couple of Pi3s and a ZeroW with not much to do. Oh well.

  • Of course, I could turn one of the 3b+ Pi's into a Plex client using rasplex.

    That seems like a fairly good idea. Although probably redundant.

  • Thanks, made some progress, I've got the pi autostarting with sabnzbd and it's recognizing the for complete/incomplete folders. Having trouble installing unrar-nonfree as per these instructions, but I might be tempted to just do that periodically with my windows PC and winrar, do you think that would work?

  • What's Unrar-nonfree for? Sabnbzbd extracts and repairs rar files.

  • On it's own? It seems to suggest it needs a separate binary to do that...

    Also would it be silly to have the storage space formatted as NTFS? It's an external hard drive that will also be connected to my PC (if that works, not tested the 2nd simultaneous USB port use). So I could potentially unrar with the PC periodically using winrar or something?

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  • I used atomic toolkit to install it on my pi so it's possible it installed some other stuff as well. A fair bit of the stuff on there is outdated but sabnzbd was an easy one-button install
    Other OSs I have installed it on haven't needed a separate binary but I guess it may have been already built in.

    You can use Ext4 or NTFS with FUSE but I don't know if there's an overhead on that. You can also add Ext4 support to Windows. Mine are NTFS drives but on a network share rather than directly plugged in.

  • An update on my home NAS / server:

    The Good:

    I have the PI 4 running Open Media Vault 5.

    It's in a purple anodised heatsink case.

    Connected via ethernet to the LAN.

    I have the powered USB hub. With the return power cable snipped.

    I have the two Toshiba 1Tb USB drives and another old 500Gb USB drive plugged into it.

    I have the transmission docker running via a VPN.

    I have a CUPS docker running, sharing my elderly printer with the household.

    I have a Minecraft server docker running, for the kids.

    All of the above works and works as fast as I would like it to.

    The bad:

    OMV 5 (for good reasons) does not support RAID for USB drives.

    I have not yet set up a merged file system across the drives, so I have two "media" drives totalling 1.5Tb and a 1Tb "files" drive.

    I need a backup solution for the files. Probably rSync to one of the Media drives.

    The Ugly:

    See photo. It's a mess.

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  • Anyone looking to buy a Raspberry Pi 3?!

  • New RPi 4 out today with 8GB of RAM. Tidy.

  • If only somebody would make a proper 64 bit raspbian for it!

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Raspberry π

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