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  • That's a really good shout! My CC always annoys the fuck out of me on this TV.

  • Had three pi 3b+ and two pi zero w knocking around after deciding I wasn't ready for the smart home revolution, so have been toying with different ways to put them to use.

    I've managed to set one up with openVPN and pihole, and now enjoying browsing ad free everywhere.

    Now that I know I can access my local network, my next goal is to set one up with either owncloud or openmediavault and a 1TB hard drive. I'd rather just keep it to my local network but suspect owncloud might be easier to use given the apps available.

    I've loaded volumio to one of the zero w's with volumio and have a DAC on the way. Will pair this to two active bookshelf speakers in our living room. If it goes well I'll do the same in the bedroom.

  • owncloud

    I read that Nextcloud is preferable to Owncloud, due to forking shennanigans.

    I use Owncloud, though, and that works just fine. (On Debian, not Pi, even if they are remarkably close)

  • I've been running Nextcloud for a couple of weeks, very impressed with it. Slowly in the process of transfering all of my data over from Dropbox the more I build confidence in the application.

    I'm running it on a 3b+ with PoE hat.

  • What make and model of sd cards do you use. Looking to have a system running far away controlling the heating system and want the sd to be as stable as possible.

  • I want to run a few different distributions on one Raspberry Pi with one memory card. Something where after rebooting I get 10 seconds or so to choose what I want to boot into (using cursor keys) and then it boots to the default.

    Any pointers on the easiest way to set this up? I've got Windows or Linux machines to use to set it up.

  • You can install grub from the pi repos - I've no idea how well it plays on the Pi though

  • possibly useful thread here

  • I've got a pi somewhere (5 years old)

    Could I use it with an SD card for storage, plugged into an amplifier to play music, controlled by an app on my phone?

    Or is this a ludicrous dream?

  • Looks like there are several MPD clients at least for android.

  • MPD clients

    Surely easier to use Plex server on the Pi and control via Plex client app on phone?
    Or equivalent setup with Kodi or Emby server/clients?

  • Isn't Volumio the relevant bit here - the rest is about hardware?

  • Cheers, Berryboot looks like an option to investigate.

  • So what SD card brands do you use and how stable are they?

  • Thanks everyone. Lots to investigate. I know nothing about this.

    @lynx me? SD card varies, SanDisk normally. Would get a half tb one ideally.

  • Just a quick test, but at least starting up MPD on a PC and controlling it with an Android client app was a doddle.

  • Not you directly. Anyone really.

  • I've not had a problem with any of the big brands. Don't buy cheap, if it looks too good a deal then it's probably some shit rebranded. Otherwise I've not had any issues.

  • Sata ssd via usb. You can get a Samsung 830 for about £20 these days.

  • Lots of "fakes" out there. I've tended to avoid the issue by buying from a known retailer than from eBay shops.
    I bought a relabelled fake SanDisk a few years ago. It worked but at about 25% of the speed I was aiming for.

  • If anyone has a 3b+ kicking around, I’d be happy to take it off your hands for a few quid/forum donation...

  • I've two 3b+ on a stacking case, with offical power supplies gathering dust that I would consider selling. I would need £75 to justify selling them, as they've had very little use, and would rather just hold onto them til I find a use for them vs take a big hit on them. I think I have class 10 16gb sd cards I can also include.

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  • That’s a sweet looking setup! I’m just after the one, though...

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Raspberry π

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