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  • I always find it annoying that the pi is often out of stock but you can pay extra for an identical one with a load of stuff I don't need that is in stock.

  • Ahh, somehow missed that - must have been searching for the wrong thing. Thanks!

  • Anyone using Kodi on a pi? Trying out Plex but limitations of my server mean transcoding is a no go and my client (Roku) seems picky about codecs.

    Having internet radio, TV and film all plugged in to my receiver seems appealing and possibly solve the transcoding issues with the grunt of a pi4 (if I can find one to buy).

  • Anyone using Kodi on a pi?

    have it running on a PI 4b

    works ok most of the time, have a usb stick plugged in for recordings via tvheadend using a web browser.

    Have linked it to my file server for other stuff downloaded directly

  • I haven't tried it with a Pi4, with previous Pis it was ok but noticeably slower than running it on other stuff.

    I also never quite got happy with the live TV on Kodi, the interface was never quite what I wanted.

    A firestick might be an easier/cheaper option than trying to find a pi in stock.

  • Ok cheers, not quite the rave reviews that would convince me to part with the time/money.

    Not sure a firestick will do much the Roku can't, though it does seem to have an Ethernet adapter.

  • Q:

    My twitter timelapse script works on a pi4 with night vision camera now.

    I've hooked up an IR sensor to get it to fire off on movement, so I can leave it out overnight and see wildlife tweets the next morning.

    The script works fine in terms of firing via the sensor, but the camera part errors as

    picamera.exc.PiCameraMMALError: Failed to enable connection: Out of resources

    I'm on buster lite still to allow picamera to work as bullseye's Picamera2 is being worked on still.

    raspistill works & picamera works outside of the sensor script as I tested it Fri night.

    Anyone encountered this or similar and know a fix?

    Edit: I created a video using the other script, the new script tweets it fine.

    Edit2: after a break I went back to look at raspistill as capture mode, this works fine, -tl allows timelapse sequence frequency & duration to be defined too. Not sure why I'd never used this over picamera originally.

    Edit3: pic of the hardware.

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  • Exciting news (for folks running camera projects):


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  • They haven't fucked around doing the documentation, have they? Comprehensive.

  • Chromium doesn't like Google photos now, it closes browser however I try to access it.

    I've updated everything and rebooted. Anything else I should try before resorting to abrupt pi400 defenestration?

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  • Local user settings or cache? Can you delete that from the command line?

    rm -r /home/pi/.config/chromium


  • Ta, I'll try that in a mo, installed Firefox for now to get the immediate task done.

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Raspberry π

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