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  • Anyone have any experience with them? I found this:

    And would like to have a go. Only I am a NOOB at coding, but fairly techie. Thoughts?

  • What have you got to lose other than small change and time?

  • I'd go for it... I use one as a music server running Squeezeplug and it works a treat.

  • Definitely worth doing.
    I have a Linksys NSLU2 which I unslung to act as a networked storage and music server. It broke a while back and was thinking of doing exactly this with a Pi. Looks far less hassle

  • although I answered on FB... you can use a Pi for soooo much. A lot of SOHO NAS/SAN actually are running a modified version of Linux.

    Now, do not format the drives as NTFS. That's a massive overhead for the little cpu in the Pi. If you happy with them staying local, then just use ext3/4.

    Was going to suggest FreeNAS but no BSD been ported to Pi. There's also http://www.openmediavault.org/ by the guy who wrote FreeNAS. No idea if that works on the Pi.

    Basically, you can do it! :)

  • Cool. Yes wouldn't being doing NTFS as mac.

  • What have you got to lose other than small change and time?

    I'd be doing it with 2tb drives so it would be costly...ish. Cheaper that an Off the shelf NAS mind.

  • so the question then comes

    to LVM or not to LVM. Do you want one massive drive, or fine with separates ? Data redundancy ? etc... I'm not sure how the Pi would deal with software RAID (or LVM for that matter)

  • Mine sits under my telly running Raspbmc for media streaming and iplayer, 4od etc.

  • one thing about Raspbmc ... after a few days the device goes into standby and AnyConnect (aka CEC) won't bring it out of standby. Annoying but CEC is sooo handy.

  • Been thinking of getting one of these little buggers as a file server... now I'm really intrigued.

  • I've got one of the 1st gen ones with 256Mb RAM and I've found it fine for streaming 1080p and other basic media activities. I didn't try very hard but I never had much luck using it as a low spec browsing box. Maybe the 512MB models will be able to handle GUIs a bit better.

    Anyway, Raspbmc gets a double thumbs up from me. I really love being able to stream internet radio through it too.

  • ^^ Be warned, my 1st Gen one is really sensitive about power drain from USB ports. I'm not sure that a Pi can power an external HD over USB, you might have to use mains power.

  • Will post how I get on. Can one of the mods change my crap spelt title please?

  • Any updates Ben? Been considering picking one of these up myself.

  • Not yet. Have a couple of jobs to edit, and waiting on some cable deliveries. Tuesday I'll have a go at it.

  • So been having a go at this tonight, seems to be going okay so far.

    On thing I noticed was a few of the command lines didn't work. However after inputing

    sudo apt-get install samba-common-bin

    they seemed to work.

    So now I am at the part where I have to test if I can find it on my network. Here goes...

  • Cool :) I should receive mine this week also.

    Going to be doing this:


  • I need to look at how to update mine. Although it just runs Raspbmc constantly and nothing else. Works great except sometimes the AnyCNC+ controller won't get it out of standby

  • Didn't take long to come up with another issue.

    sudo apt-get netatalk

    Was not installing "invalid operation"

    Sorted by

    sudo dpkg --clear-avail

  • well it does depend on the os you using.

    Just realized I'm using Xbian not Raspbmc lol

  • Yeah, still getting my head round it all. Just given up for the night. Can't seem to access (or even see) my external hard drives plugged into my pi when viewing it through Finder on my mac. Frustrating.

  • Doesn't look that disimilar - but when I'm on my mac loggin in I can only see the "Home" directory, which I'm assuming is the SD card. Not the media or shares I've created.

  • sudo apt-get netatalk

    Was not installing "invalid operation"

    apt-get is a whole toolkit of package-management. Sudo says "run this with privileges" so you missed out the verb "install" before the package name.

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Raspberry π

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