Basketball in South Birmingham?

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  • Anyone is up for basketball this weekend?

  • Sorry, I was away last weekend.

    Anyone available to play tomorrow (Tuesday) morning? I'll probably go around 9am.

  • Working on mornings this week.. only weekends or evenings available

  • Is this thread still alive? Im always looking for new people to play ball with regularly.

    Live close to kings heath/shirley/solihull/olton etc

    So if anyone is interested just let me know! free most week days/nights now im not at uni.

  • Ooo, sounds tempting! I'm in Moseley and would be up for a pick up game. Have very little time but I really miss playing so ready to make an effort.

  • I've drifted off a bit, but would be up for playing every now and then. The problem is that the courts are all too busy on weeknights and nobody else wants to play super-early mornings on the weekend.

    If you sort something, let me know and I'll try and come along. Moonlit Park around 5pm looks promising - usually a few people playing basketball and relatively few children or lazy footballers who can't be bothered to run after their own misplaced passes on a grass pitch.

  • Moonlit Park? Is that where you take chicks to make out?

  • Well boogie I'm free Thursday evening if you wanna play??

    Anyone else is welcome too! More the Merrier

  • ..and here's where my schedule starts messing with my life: I'm in London Thursday. Gah. Sorry. That said, if you post here once in a while I'm bound to make it sooner or later. That, or we could set a semi-official day/time which everyone would keep in mind when making plans.

  • Id happily join in, cant play for toffee but I can try.

  • All we need is trying!! I'm free Monday-Friday most weeks as I only work Friday nights and weekends ATM. So I can always make it, as I do enjoy a good basketball session. Though I already play Tuesday evenings at monks path with my pals.

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Basketball in South Birmingham?

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