Basketball in South Birmingham?

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  • Woah! New thread!?!?! Remember when people used forum 26 for something that wasn't bike snooker? Well, I'm resurrecting that community spirit right here, right now motherfuckeeeeerrrrrs!

    Does anyone want to play basketball? I'd be up for anything from proper paid-for sports hall real games to one more friend throwing airball after airball at a public court (Kings Heath/Selly Oak/Calthorpe Park etc). I'm fairly rubbish, so I'm not expecting or requesting any level of skill.

    I can do most weeknights except Wednesday - I'm thinking public courts will be busy on weekends unless we go mega-early.

  • I know Ha$h likes bball. KH park is pretty good for it..

  • Yeah I went there yesterday and played solo. I also bumped into Hash at the markets beforehand. How odd...

  • Shit don't use Hash's name on here! He doesn't want to be googleable when dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!1111!11!!!!!­!!

    (this is in reference to his 'Online Etiquette' thread)

  • ^oh its cool now. me and google are tight these days.

    dws-yeah bball at kings heath park, lets play! Thursdays is best night for me. I don't have a ball anymore, do you? we can talk about recent market bargains...

  • I do have a pretty sweet ball. I finish work at 5 - can meet you 5.30 or after dinner (around 7pm?)

  • Can we meet 6pm at the kings heath park bball court?

  • I might not get there until 6.15pm - I need to eat pasta for maximum performance. If someone Neil-shaped wants to come past my house and pick up the ball on their way, that's cool. If not you can stand around looking intimidating and protecting our ring. Huh huh.

    If someone has Sam Hill's number/facebook can they message him - seem to recall he liked to play.

  • sounds good. see you there. forum 26 lurkers welcome!

  • need to pop into tool club first, will be along after that.

  • We are on for 6.15. My missus might come down too.

  • you guys playing again anytime soon?

  • thursday I think

  • Should be up for it. Played this morning, early, and I am doing research tonight ( white men can't jump).

    Basketball is the new polo.

  • Basketball is the new polo.

    Coach skiing has spoken.

  • Gonna buy a new ball too, but it might not arrive in time for this week.

  • Thursday, 6.30pm, Kings Heath Park

    1. danwentskiing

    Should have a fancy new ball to play with.

  • Why wait for a ball in the post?
    Get yourself to the locker room in the Bullring, has a nice little basketball section in there.

  • I think he's already ordered it.

  • Thursday, 6.30pm, Kings Heath Park

    1. danwentskiing
      1. n3il (post tool club)
  • Why wait for a ball in the post?
    Get yourself to the locker room in the Bullring, has a nice little basketball section in there.

    I didn't know this place existed. Went into the reality-based Sports Direct and they had a terrible selection of cheap rubber ones, so ended up buying from them online and getting it posted out.

    I might go and play on Sunday afternoon/evening if anyone's interested.

  • I miss playing bball with you H! x

  • Hello, Im new in Birmingham, new in Uk. I came From Lithuania and looking for somebody to play basketball with. Could i join you guys? do you play on weekends , because this week im working on nights and can`t make it on evenings. many thanks.

  • It's all a bit patchy at the moment I'm afraid. I tend to play on my own early on weekend mornings, and occasionally on a weekday night.

    When are you interested in playing?

  • This week I`m working on nights, so I could play between 1pm-6pm daily or anytime on weekends.

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Basketball in South Birmingham?

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