• Well hello!
    My dad passed away just before christmas.
    Not being one for the likes of rememberance tattoos etc, I was trying to think of a way to honour him.
    So, our last name is Hobbs, he was born in 1947.....then it came to me.....
    I present to you my latest addition to the stable, a 1947 Hobbs of Barbican Clubweight.
    It's a lugless fillet brazed 58cm frame which is good for me at 5' 11".
    My goal is to wait for classic british lightweight parts to come up for sale and build it to ride the L'Eroica 200+km long route in 2014.
    Will hopefully have it finished for the August Bank Holiday and plan to ride it on a one day trip from London to Norwich where dad was born.
    Here's what i've amassed so far, I have a needed parts list at the end so if you can help with any of these bits, please let me know.

    Some fluted Chater Lea Cranks

    The cranks came with a 46T chain wheel but i'm goint to use this NOS 48T one I found.

    I decided to go with a 4 speed Sturmey Archer Hub.
    I wanted the 4 speed FW version (wide ratio).
    Problem was I couldn't find any outer 4 speed shells in mint condition so Derek Folgate (http://www.oldbiketrader.co.uk/) did have a NOS 40H 1953 3 speed AW shell and the mint lightly used innards of a FW. Put them together and you have a 4 speed hub in a 3 speed shell.
    Proper English made Sturmey Archer stuff (none of this inferior Sun Race stuff).

    NOS Bayliss Wiley bottom bracket

    The pièce de résistance and one of my favourite bits that I've ammassed so far, a 32H Harden Flyweight Front Hub. High flange goodness.

    Some 1950 GB Coureur brake callipers. They're made from Hiduminium (?!?) and have quick release levers.

    Some NOS Weinmann Alesa 32/40H 26x11/4 Clincher rims

    And the sweetest of all, a rare NOS 50's GB Brake cable lubricator (holds the brake cables where arch up over the handlebars and has oil points in the back for lubricating the cables).

    I'd like to get the wheels laced up this week. Anyone know a great LBS in SE London that's likely to have/be able to get 15/17 gauge spokes?

    Anyway, I need roughly the following to complete, if you have any of these items for sale, please let me know.

    GB Brake levers
    Seat post collar
    Seat post
    Seat (Want vintage brooks B17 Swallow)
    Headset (Possibly Lytaloy)
    Toe Clips & Straps (Alfredo Binda)

  • great project.

  • Love these 40s/50s builds, I had a '49 Claud Butler and endeavour to get another one some day - and a great way to remember your dad.

  • Ace project!
    Doing a similar 50's one myself.

    Good quality material and widely used...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiduminium

  • Lovely way to remember your dad. I love the 'C' cutouts on the chain ring.

    Are you going to get Hobbs decals made?

  • Thanks JB et al,
    I'm in both camps on this one.
    I love bikes that are original and have their original decals however I'm also aware that this has been resprayed at some point and debadged however as a weird brown-ness that I do quite like. I was also a magpie in a previous life and am a bit of a fussy prick so wouldn't mind getting a proper period specific paint job (ie the scallops at the top of the seat tube in a contrasting colour and some pinstriping and the marque badges reapplied)
    Something like this but not quite so elaborate:

    #edit - the above bike is all original

    I'm sure this topic has already been done to death on this site but would be interested to hear what people think in this case. In my view, I'm not really ruining the originality as the first person to repaint already did that.

  • Subscribed.
    I have now finished a period restoration of a 1948 bike. I have used period equipment. It took about three years of careful collection, first the research on the period, then the purchasing as the items appeared.
    As I was responsible for the destruction of the original paint in the 1970s, I made the decision to repaint in the style of the period.
    I have been fortunate in that it is the frame built for my father in 1948, and he has seen it finished, with the photos taken.
    It probably has better equipment on it now than when he had it built when he was an 18 year old. If you do get the GB Hiduminium levers and need some Shockstop 'Honking' rubbers, I have had some manufactured.
    If you haven't seen the site before, Classic Lightweights is highly recommended

    Lovely way to remember your dad. I love the 'C' cutouts on the chain ring.

    CL cutouts on the chainring!

  • Wow. Looks ace.

    Somewhere I have some OK (maybe could be scrubbed?) GB rubber tops for those GB levers that have the the logo badge on the front. Give me a shout if you want them.

    Also I have some broken bits of courieur calipers somewhere, I'll see if there's any useable hardware.

    If you haven't already found it, universal cycle centre oops north is your friend, esp for things like toe straps and clips. And cable sleeves.

  • Thanks for stopping by Big Block,
    I want your GB wing-nuts!
    It's awesome that the frame was built for your dad.
    I've wasted many an hour on that site. So much inspiration and knowledge there.
    Not sure what 'honking rubbers' are but sure I’ll find out soon enough when I inevitably need them!

  • Thnaks Skully,
    I'll hit you up once I work out what I need!
    Haven't heard of universal cycle centre oops north but off to check them out now!

  • Oh yeah! Ha. Missed the L...

  • Well, the postman just paid me a visit with my newly acquired Chater Lea Sprint pedals. Not bad condition either. Some wear to the chrome on the barrels but I can live with that. Stem and handlebars purchased too and should arrive later this week. Watch this space!

  • Great project, where in SE London are you?
    My most recent photograph of my 1946 Hobbs Lugless Clubweight on Sloane Square, I find Harry Perry useful for wheel building purposes.

  • I'm in Deptford and had forgotten about Harry Perry. I'll pay him a visit!
    Any chance of a bigger picture of your bike falconvitesse (or am I doing this wrong)?
    Looks great!

  • Twin Fluted BSA chainset

    Accles and Pollock tubing, Magistroni seatube clip.

    I have purchased a Lytaloy headset but havent got around to fitting it yet as the bearing surfaces need reaming, if such a thing can be done to headset bearing surfaces?

    GB 1" alloy stem, Madison bars, Bayliss hubs on alloy sprints, Vittoria Tubs, B37 brooks saddle. Ridden fixed and every day, i love it.

  • Ah, you must be Adam!
    I've seen this on the HOB Facebook page.
    What a sweet bike.
    Great that you ride it every day. What part of the Thames path is that?

  • Woolwich arsenal.
    I ha've purchased a 27" REYNOLDS domed seatpost but it doesn't fit oddly as the seatpost in there presently fits perfectly and it's 27"?

  • Ah, you must be Adam!
    I've seen this on the HOB Facebook page.
    What a sweet bike.
    Great that you ride it every day. What part of the Thames path is that?

    Hows is the build coming on, if i can be of any assistance, only pleased to help a fellow Hobbs owner. If you just wanted to get it up and running for now, i have a few spares?

  • Awesome! Thanks for the offer. I might just take you up on that.
    The 'internet seller' that I purchased the bars and stem from sent me the wrong bars and no stem (lost/can't find it) so am waiting for the right ones to arrive before things can recommence.
    Also in need of a decent 40-50's headset have about £60.00 to spend for something nice-ish. (Brampton/BSA/Chater Lea/Lytaloy)
    Anyone got anything that they want to sell me?

  • An almighty hangover after last weeks Megadeth concert at the Brixton Academy has led to having 2 concurrent projects on the go. A nice Colnago Art Decor added to the stable.
    Oh dear, what have I done! I know nothing about modern roadbikes but I will need to do this justice as it's pretty lush. Any campag fiends out there to provide advice on what sort of componentry would suit it?

  • subscribed - both are awesome!

  • Sorry to gatecrash the thread but I think I've identified my new frame as a Hobbs.

    Steerer tube and left rear dropout have the number C9722. = March '49.
    Interestingly, steerer and BB both have the two additional individual stampings (not castings) in diffent places; 1C59 and C13.
    Anyone think it looks Hobbs-esque?

    It doesn't have the 531 'ring' to it, so A&P tubes?
    It is also the lightest frame I've come across so far; 1760 g is pretty impressive?

  • This looks similar!

  • Yes, looks like a raceweight to me too. Great find.
    What are your plans for it?

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7VEN's 1947 Hobbs of Barbican Clubweight Build and many other old builds

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