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  • Walking the dog last night was slippery as hell. He dragged me down an unlit country lane.

    I was really glad I took my mini maglite with me. It’s an old old one, but I replaced the bulb with an LED and the throw of light is very far.

    Definitely gonna lookout for the Lidl ones though. I don’t like to risk losing my maglites as EDC.

  • Not sure it's the right thread, but couldn't think / find another.

    Does anyone have a link to a decent, but inexpensive drawstring backpack?

    I had a promo one from 3 Mobile with metal eyelets, ripstop, and a little internal pocket that lasted for years but ultimately feel apart.

    It's has a semi reasonable chance of being stolen so I don't want it to cost much. And ideally I'd like an extra pocket like this:

    And the dream would be a waterproof interior pocket.

    (reviews for that^ one make it sound like poor quality)


  • I have an Adidas one that has a front pocket and also a couple of net waterbottle pockets which are useful for either waterbottles or wet stuff. It's tough enough that I'm happy using it as a laptop bag.

    Not too usefully I can't remember where I got it from but I'm pretty sure it is this one. Think I paid about £12.

  • May be worth checking TK Maxx. I’ve seen drawstring gym bags in there on occasion.

  • Not quite what you’re looking for, but the sea to summit ultra sil daypack is a great bit of kit. I have one in my panniers for the unexpected bulky acquisitions. Folds away to the size of an apple and expands to take a couple of kilos of apples.

  • Cheers all.

    @adroit - I've got a sea to summit somewhere, which I would use but can't find it. Plus I'd be annoyed if it was nicked. You're right though, they're ace and I took one touring. Definitely one of the best bits of kit I bought.

  • Took advantage of the Sofirn sale and picked up a few C01S and a SP10 (ver.3)

    I've already got a C01, which I wanted as it is dimmer than the C01S. Got to say I'm impressed with the "S" version. The two modes work really well. If you're happy with a twisty it's great.

    The SP10 is less good. The actual lighting part is great, but there is just something about the ergonomics that's off. The body seems too slippery some how - that could change with use. The button is hard to find and also too smooth a slippery. All in all it feels a million miles from my SP40 which I think is amazing. But as I mainly got it as something that I wouldn't care about loosing it's not that big a deal.

  • If you're on a budget you can get similar packable backpacks from decathlon for about a fiver. I always end up picking one up when I go in there and later stashing it in one of my bags.

  • @hugo7 check out the IKEA bag. £10, it's v good.

  • Cheers.

    Took a punt on this in the end, but ironically I found my s2s and am still waiting for the Alix copy to arrive.

    Will update once I've got it. But now I'm using the s2s again, I love it even more. It's just so fucking good.

  • Anyone know a UK supplier of Derma-Safe razors or something similar?


  • edc

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  • Does anyone make an artisanal hipster Stanley handle? Preferably retractable.
    Not looking for a folder or mini utility keyring style. Like a fatmax but made from antique Japanese copper and unicorn ballbag etc?

    I use one everyday and deserve something fancy…

    Edit- prob should have asked in the knife porn thread but this one popped up while it was on my mind and I’m sure the same folks are the experts on both threads ;)

  • #makerknife ? I like mine even though I’m a bit sick of the creator.

  • Makerknife looks fun for opening boxes but not quite what I’m looking for, cute but I know I’d lose it pretty quickly. Some of my tasks involve using them for a few hours at a time so a minimalist design wouldn’t be comfortable by the end of it.

    I like a full handled retractable whale tail style. Current one is similar to this(but a bit bulkier) but the mechanism is worn out and it could be more ergonomic.
    No doubt there’s knife makers who have/can make something like that but was wondering what’s already around.

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  • Sounds like unicorn hoof will be more practical

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What's in your bag? / Everyday carry (EDC)

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