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  • Funnily enough I had a whole conversation about this last night - an early memory was being very small and walking to nursery holding my dads hand whilst he wore his navy Barbour (I remeber the smell of the wax most clearly) and carried his attaché. It was orignally my grandfathers, the leather handle has snapped, so my dad made a new one from a turned piece of hardwood and 2 brass rods.

    He only had a 15 min walk to work so cycling wasnt really worth it, I was saying that it would be nice to have a stroll to work and only need to carry enough to fill a brief/attaché like that...

    I have also been watching a lot of fraiser, so i'm probably over romanticing

  • @>>>>>> If cycling on a Brompton, how about their waved canvas bag? https://www.brompton.com/catalogue/bags/­borough/roll-top-bag-in-khaki-waxed-canv­as

    I’ve got an older one, fits my work laptop (15’), and A4 notepad but not my personal (17’) laptop, and doesn’t look too “cyclist” when I headed to clients offices.

  • The current carry

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  • Search Brady bag on eBay, There are loads from time to time and don't go for huge amounts.

  • Folded paper floormats, car seat covers, reel of steering wheel clingfilm and nitrile gloves.
    Leatherman with lanyard for my belt, LED Lenser torch, phone lead and spares, eating irons, microfibre cloths.
    Single side razor blade (for overspray), clip-on LED angle poise, masks, pens and chalk marker pen for indicating damage on cars.
    Also WeatherWriter clipboard and Edel Hoff hot mug, not shown.

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  • What's the torch?

  • Fenix E15

  • Hmm, ta; I was only getting expired auctions, but will maybe set up some alerts.

  • Right, I think I know what I'm gonna do... I've done exhaustive research on the subject and can honestly say that there is very little out there in this space i.e. a cool little contemporary briefcase... The Filson was probably the closest readily available option, which I wasn't 100% on... Then I found the Mission Workshop Arkiv Transit laptop bag, it's perfect, it even attaches to a porteur rack... So, yeah!

    Not the cheapest, but great quality, I've had a MW Vandal for ten years now and when/if they fail you just get sent a new one, they're great people to deal with...

    Just waiting to hear back from them if the spacing of their porteur straps will be compatible with this rack...

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  • Was just gonna suggest the filson I love mine and you can fit slot in them. That bag looks great though 👍
    And I'm now looking at tactical briefcases.... Dam you

  • And I'm now looking at tactical briefcases.... Dam you

    Loads of stuff on Amazon *spit* but none available for shipping to Oz, just as well! Lots of strange little tactical/military brands selling gun bags and such... I did really fancy the Defy Defender with the Cobra buckles but it's way too expensive and not that special when you subtract all the posh hardware... I can't wait to start riding to work now!

  • Mission Workshop are out of stock of that bag, only one stockist in Oz and would you believe they had a black one in stock? Just done the deal over the phone, should be here in a couple of days... Matched the MW online price and they even threw in free shipping, thank you, lovely people at Saint Cloud Cycles in Fitzroy...

    And I've ordered a porteur rack for the Brompton... Shit is on...

  • @psee

    Where did you get the SAK? Also, what's in the film cannister? :)

  • I'm also looking to get a good quality compendium/padfolio type thing... Got a cheap vinyl one on expenses six months ago, it holds a pad but that's about it, it's a bit shit... This one is lovely but a bit spendy at ~AU$400, anyone got any ideas?

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  • Look on ebay / charity shops for old filofaxes.

  • Might actually have a filofax or similar that fits the bill.

  • See what Murts can do?

  • Apart from eBay for second-hand (ahem, 'vintage'...), I'd be tempted to look on Etsy - apart from the vintage gear for sale there will be lots of small makers who can probably do you something similar for a lot less. The problem IME with fine leather goods is that on the one hand you get what you pay for, but also lots of brands apply a ludicrous markup.

  • +1 for Etsy.

  • Is this the right time to mention that @pdlouche made an amazing man bag with shoulder strap for me? Back when we had those things called airplanes I could fit it perfectly underneath the seat in front.
    It's got stretchy mesh for a bottle, zip on the front flap and neat compartments all over the place. Waterproof. Stabiliser for cycling.

  • The more I look at that one I posted up there ^^ the more I think it's the one for me... I do need a slot for a notebook, as opposed to a notepad, that would be a dealbreaker for me... Call me old fashioned but I like to be able to write on both sides of a page of paper...

  • Thanks for the rep. Haven’t made a bag since..... October? Last bags I made were for my motorbike. Been really out of it for so long.

  • I was going to suggest something like a helmet bag as a more tactical version of a briefcase but the MW bag you've ordered looks great. Bonus that it fits on a rack too.

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  • It's an awesome bag, all their stuff is great so I know it won't disappoint... It's got everything I need; laptop and bottle compartments, straps for a porteur rack, carry handle and shoulder strap, lots of room inside for a lunch box and all my other tat I carry around... I'm gonna be so organised!

    I'm also about to pull the trigger on a Bellroy A4 Work Folio... Their customer service team are clearly a little challenged when it comes to their product knowledge, was told it wouldn't work with a notebook but checked a YouTube review and it fits very neatly in the slot designed for an iPad Pro... Got a sign up now and get 10% off deal from the webstore selling it so that helps a little bit, bit pricey but a very nice object that should last forever...

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What's in your bag? / Everyday carry (EDC)

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