What's in your bag? / Everyday carry (EDC)

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  • What do you keep on you everyday?
    whats in your pockets?

    I'm well aware that most of you have a love of tools and well built well designed objects.

    I also know that I really want to be able to rely on the tools I carry with me.
    i have a few ideas knocking round my head involving some nice brass key chains and tools/knives etc

    So I want to see some pictures of what you keep in your pockets.
    I'm not talking about iphones,

    just awesome things that you keep on you at all times

    i guess maybe some 'everything in my pockets' type photos would be good?

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  • you might like this site.

    most of the people seem completely mental to me though


    I only carry phone wallet keys and earphones everywhere.

  • Cant believe how many people just carry around knives??? WHY??

  • Thank god that we don't have any reactionary laws about knives in this country...

  • Cant believe how many people just carry around knives??? WHY??

    I carry a machete.

    You know - for whittling.

  • Ah, makes sense now!

  • cause knives are super handy. i live on a boat, im often out of the city, a knife makes sense.

  • Phone keys wallet coins.

    Never come across a situation where I needed a knife to be honest, and I live in the deepest darkest countryside.

  • 4 things
    front door key and bike lock key ( on one fob count as 1 item )
    swiss army knife ... you never know when a horse might need someone to get something out of it's hooves

    nothing more nothing less
    i check these 4 items everytime i leave the house count to 4 then pull my door too

    swiss army knife has a screwdriver / corkscrew / bottle opener / can opener and a fingernail scraper ( you know the black gunk that gets under your nails )

  • I've not looked it up (don't want to google "is it legal to carry a knife" at work) but, what are the laws on carrying a penknife/similar?

  • i think its anything bigger than a penknife you have to have a good reason to carry..?

  • blade length is the main issue i believe
    any good boy scout will have a pocket knife exactly where it should be

  • i check these 4 items everytime i leave the house count to 4 then pull my door too

    This man talks my language.

    Four pocket taps for me.

    If I meet the necessary criteria for each pocket tap I may proceed.

    I often find my self doing it as I ride, just to be doubley sure.


  • I'm always checking for my keys as I ride...

    Normally in my pockets:
    lip balm
    id cards - for emergency use of discounts

    today's bonus: stethoscope (never in same pocket as snot rag)

  • And knives make the most sense: you're out and about, peckish, go looking for cheese, then you see the price of pre sliced cheese etc, with a knife you can buy block o' cheese, bread and fruit and have a relatively cheap and delightful meal and scorn at the fools with their premade sandwiches. Also opening wine, to go with your delightful snack.

  • Never understood the whole knife carrying thing, really don't see the point - but each to their own I guess.

    If we're talking about ALL times when out of the house I only really have wallet, oyster card, phone & keys. If I'm on my bike I'll always have my bag with me so that's where all my tools/pump/random crap gets stored.

  • hehe

  • full house of 31t products

  • and the log in my backpack

  • Wallet
    Bike lock around waist
    Small bike toolkit/correct spare tube-either in pack or fitted into jersey pockets.

  • ^^^^ you keep your watch in your pocket?

  • Phone, wallet, keys, oystercard. Occasionally chewing-gum/sunglasses/plectrum, as the situation dictates.

  • ^^^^ you keep your watch in your pocket?

    it goes on my wrist, and my hands are generally in my pocket :)

  • 31t ftw, your stuff is looking great, nice snaplock too!

    i totaly have a pat-system


    three pockets, pat, pat, pat and I can leave the house

    but i do have extras like a handkerchief and a pen, but if im caught without then its not such a big deal. im currently geeking out about
    small torch and 3 note whistle would be awesome for the keys also

    currently have an ok torch on the brick-phone though
    and the whistle would just be for fun/annoy people with

  • oh a keyring mini pen also

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What's in your bag? / Everyday carry (EDC)

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