Nutrition on the road - What, How and Why?

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  • £35 porridge.

    can >>>

    current buns

    Well you don't want stale ones.


  • Food good idea. To summarise last ride: porridge at home one cafetiere coffee, Mare Street Weatherspoon one or two poached eggs on toast. Large glass of tap water. On the road one mandarine one Apple one banana. One 710ml water, St Ives one or two large glasses of tap water beans on toast, toasted BLT. On the road 710ml of water. Oakham one coffee, one oats and honey bar, 10p bag Tangfastic, one reasonable bag pistaccio. On the road 710ml water Spalding Weatherspoons one or two large glasses of water one lasagne one apple juice one apple crumble with vanilla ice one coffee. On the road 710ml water one 10p bag Tangfastic one oats and honey bar one banana. McD Scunthorpe coffee, Egg Muffin, Hash Brown. York Weatherspoon one or two large glass of water. One pint of beer.

  • In my my latest review I can confirm "For Goodness Shakes" Protein Water is as absolutely disgusting as it sounds. Like barley water gone deeply wrong.

  • On the plus side 5 minute protein bars worked a treat

    400g oats (chopped finely in food processor)
    300g peanut butter
    250ml coconut milk
    150g protein powder

  • That's one hell of a ride. Impressive.

  • The porridge comes with a few slices of cured sausage.

  • Brown Rice Krispies... do you make (if so how?) or do you buy?


  • Many options:,

    Have a looksie in the gluten free/vegan/free form section in your local supermarket, you should be able to find wholegrain rice krispies :)

  • Rediscovered my love of fig rolls when riding today.

    A pack of 10 is about 50p. Stick a load in a little baggie in your pocket and job done. perfect bite size carb parcels.

  • figs are awesome. Good source of magnesium.

    Always worry about them making me need a poo though.

  • Brown Rice Krispies? Also known as Coco Pops.

  • Made me laugh, but I think it's brown rice.... not brown rice.­assics/brown-rice-crisps/

  • Does maldextrin and the other weirdness that goes in gels go off or lose potency? I have some gels about 6 months past their date I dont wanna just bin.

    I doubt I'll get sick from having them as they won't go 'bad' as such, but will they still be effective?

  • They'll be fine.

    I'm always buy short date sports scram. Bars get a bit chewy. Gels are fine for well over 6 months.

    I ate a 5 year old chocolate coin once though. Kinda knew it was 5 years old as it was in an old Xmas Box from at least that long ago in the attic. But found chocolate is found chocolate.

  • I remember someone saying (Tester I think, which is why I may have paid attention) that as long as gel packets haven't expanded (indicating that something has gone off and is emitting gas) then gels are fine for 6 months or longer.

  • "Use by" and "Best before" are very different

  • How do people eat in preparation for an evening race/ TT.
    It's not long enough to consider carbohydrate intake, but the aim has to be avoiding the feeling of bloated/ lethargy that can come.
    And maybe a little bit of mental prep (I.e. Feeling 'pro')
    I've had my standard/ larger breakfast. Considering repeating that meal at about 4 pm, with little snacks (fruit n stuff) in between?

  • Bananas are good.

    I'd avoid cereals and bread I Guess. I tend to just eat a little extra for lunch, then add a little maltodextrin to my water. This is a habit I've picked up from evening training so I can head out ASAP after work, before dinner, and make use of availible light. Seems help prevent me from runnning out of steam so early.

  • My probably useless advice would be - yes, good meal about 2-3 hours prior and like @Smallfurry says, something like a gel or energy drink immediately prior.

    But between breakfast and pre-race meal you're gonna need something too, you don't want to go into calorie deficit, maybe something with more protein and veg than carb

  • If its a short thing I bet you'd be fine. But you'll definitely feel more ready With a little sugar in you. A gel squeezed into each bidon of water does it for me. Thats feck all carbs really. But you'll feel better for it.

    Recently I've run out of gel n bars. So I've been taking 750ml bottles. Each With a 1 1/2 scoops of maltodextrin (I have a 4 kg bag for som reason) in. Works well enough to stop me bonking between petrol stations.

  • They've not released full details, but it's usually just over 1hr of racing. Normally stash a gel under my bibs, banana/ Homemade cake thing pre race+ coffee. Im going to go with second breakfast strategy, mostly because it makes me feel like I'm about to go riding.... Couple of snackettes through the day should see me OK. I'm not concerned about calorie deficit- I think it unlikely.

  • Yeah. I wasnt really suggesting you'd need the carbs. Just that they'd feel Nice.

  • What's everyone's opinion on Malt Loaf aka Soreen? When I was a rower that was almost all I used to eat.

  • I live on it. Banana version I find the tastiest.

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Nutrition on the road - What, How and Why?

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