The Dentist's Chair - Cervelo S2 Di2

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  • Di2.

    depends on use. Not a big problem. But you'll want to keep an eye on it.

  • Phew. With my new easy charging point that's not too much of an issue. But I'm a bit nervous about the Garmin battery life for Saturday. Might need my external backup.

  • Right, the battery needs to go in the seat tube. The battery is round, the seat tube has an aero section. Also, I want to fit the Di2 ANT+ sender in the seat tube. Shimano suggest putting it on the chainstay, right by the rear mech, but that looks awful, and I have it on good authority that it'll work inside a carbon frame tube. So, I need a way to fit the battery and the Di2 ANT+ sender in the seat tube in a way which means they're firmly in place and won't rattle around, while at the same time giving myself some way of hoiking them both out if I ever feel the need.

    This is what I've come up with.

    The loop at the top is just a bit of old gear cable, and the black blobby bits are Sugru. Fantastic stuff, can't believe I've never bought any before. Although you can't see from the photo, the Sugru bits are the same shape as the inside of the seatpost (roughly) so it's a pretty snug fit. I'm going to wrap a thin layer of foam around the Di2 sender just to make sure it doesn't rattle.

    Preliminary indications are that it fits, it doesn't rattle, and the Di2 ANT+ sender appears to be happy talking to an Edge 1000. Happy days.

  • I finished off the rebuild last night, and took it for a quick 18km shakedown ride this morning.

    I think I need to raise the saddle by 5-10mm, and possibly get a longer stem in the long run as I think the reach on the new bars is shorter than it was on the old ones. But everything works, so all is well. Now I just have to pack it away and ship it off to Mallorca.

  • Rad. How much does it weigh?

  • 7.14kg without the saddle bag. Pretty much the same as it did before.

  • You could build a hacked set, a momentary switch, thin cable and a short e-tube wire which you cut in half and splice the switch onto which then gives you the connections into the levers. You can put multiple momentary switches onto the same connector so you get sprint and climbing shifters.

  • But more important, get those cranks in the bin

  • I like them. They're light, stiff, and the decals match the colours on the frame. Anyway, the Rotors that the S2 had fitted after the SLKs are going on my R3 Team, just as soon as I get the frameset home from the office.

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The Dentist's Chair - Cervelo S2 Di2

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