Serotta CSI (Another Yellow Bike)

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  • The thread is a bit premature as the frame isnt actually in my possession yet, should be arriving later in the week, but thought i might as well start a thread while i consider how to build it up

    First off, its yellow. Not a colour that i've previously been inspired by but i liked the look of the frame as soon as i saw it and the thought of a yellow bike has grown on me a lot. That and a quick search for the price of a serotta respray has convinced me itll be staying this colour.

    I recently bought an 11 speed Athena alloy groupset with the intention of building up something a bit more classic euro looking, although had i known that this was coming up i'd have probably held out and gone for a black groupset. Nevertheless i think it'll work and fortunately the headset's silver so the Athena will be staying on and sort of defines the look i'll be going for with the rest of the components.

    I've ordered a 3ttt pro-chrome stem and will probably pair it with some compact drops. The Soma highway one's look good, but scouting through the 26.0 compact thread suggests that Nitto M106 will be far less flexy. They're quite spendy though and theres always the bontrager ssr-vc bars to consider as well.

    I've been looking out for Ti posts on ebay and havent found anything suitable yet so may end up going for something like a ritchey classic. Although if i've already commited the faux pas of pairing Nitto & Campagnolo with the bars then i think the S65 would be good. I've got an aero chorus post i could transfer over but i'm not sure it'd suit.

    A bit all over the place trying to decide on a wheelset. Sensible budget is probably around £500 but i could flex either way on that. Would rather stick with clinchers for convenience, and i'll admit im slightly scared of tubs. First thought was archetypes or A23's as I like the wider profile of the TB14's on my other bike. Record hubs would be nice or R45's if i completely scrap the budgeting. Haven't really familiarised myself with whats available factory built, fulcrum racing 3's look like quite a good deal and campagnolo neuton ultra's look quite light for the price. Any recommendations on wheels welcomed.

  • First thought was archetypes or A23's as I like the wider profile of the TB14's on my other bike.

    Why not TB14 again, then? Very classical looks, in either silver or (probably better) dark grey. You can stay well within budget by using the well-regarded Ambrosio Zenith hubs.

  • This is so tasty, love this colour set specifically

  • Why not TB14 again, then? Very classical looks, in either silver or (probably better) dark grey. You can stay well within budget by using the well-regarded Ambrosio Zenith hubs.

    Spot on, this is what I'd use if running clinchers.

  • Certainly have no real reason not to go with TB14's, zero complaint with them on my vigorelli. The only reason I hadn't listed them was to give something new a go (that and a slight weight reduction). Think the grey ano colour would suit the build quite well, I'd just have to do my best to never use the brakes

  • hard to get hold of in the uk, but stans ztr crest in 29" red anodised would imho look great on this frame, also is 21mm internal width too wide?

  • What a beauty! Anodised TB14's would look loveeely! Get some Mack superlight hubs made if you want to splash the cash, those Ambrosio Tester linked to look pretty decent though - well reviewed

  • I really struggle to see how CK hubs are worth the money they cost next to Record hubs. Without doing the maths I reckon you could build the entire wheel set at a cost less than the R45 hubs by themselves. And when it comes to servicing them you won’t need the proprietary CK tools or a lbs shop that’s invested in them.

    Saying that the Neutrons in my experience are a really good solid wheelset, although narrow rim width, so don't exclude them from your thoughts - recently sold mine, but they were still as straight as the day I bought them.

  • Well done for buying this. The number of times I looked at it, and almost did it! Could be a bike for life this. Yum.

  • Would look awesome.

  • Would look awesome.

    budget is probably around £500­agnolo/hyperon-ultra-2-carbon-clincher-w­heelset-ec030990
    I'm sure if you send him the extra £1700, he'll happily use them.

  • But anyway, it's the look of the wheels that I was referring to- and you can get that for £500.

  • Getting there- better tyres, less expense:

    I'm sure if you offer to follow him with a car full of spares etc...

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  • £1000 is probably further than i can justify but think the neutron's would look pretty good. Had a quick google image search for inspiration (aesthetically decent CSI builds seem surprisingly few and far between) and like this one a lot

    the shallow rims are steering me towards TB14's a bit

  • TB14's would look so sexy!

  • I love that frame. Its awesome! Going to look great.

    Tb14 would be really nice looking. Id go for silver chorus hubs or similar to match the group. I too would prefer an all black build on that frame but since you got the group allrdy..

    Silver record are v expensive lately. Chorus or even centaur in silver are pretty much the same hub anyway.

  • As all the contact points will be black im tempted to go with black hubs, have just spotted that this chap on ebay­hetype-wheelset-Sapim-spokes-Shimano-Mic­he-Novatec-Campagnolo-hubs-/151032892320­?pt=UK_sportsleisure_cycling_bikeparts_S­R&var=&hash=item232a430ba0 seems to stock H+Son & record hubs and happens to be a 15 mile ride away from me so might take a trip over there and see what he's got.

  • Its arrived. Its also pay day and i've found quite a good deal on some british made hubs that'd be quite nice...

    Also hadnt checked the size of the front derailleur as its been sitting in the box. Its 32mm and i'm going to need the 35mm (i assume? the 32's definitely too small)

    Most of the parts should now be winging there way here, just need to make a final decision on wheels

  • Anyone have a suggestion (or even better, a link) for a barrel adjuster for the headtube. None came with the frame and i was surprised to see that it's not threaded. A cursory google suggests that these may be proprietary. Any ideas for a workaround?

  • Any ideas for a workaround?


  • that's it, i'm getting the file out. This things getting fixie'd

  • nonsense, email serotta with a picture and they should send you out a pair, lifetime supprot and all that..

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Serotta CSI (Another Yellow Bike)

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