For Sale: 'Bob Jackson' lo pro. Needs some love.

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    Originally owned by Primitive Robot, then by someone else, then by me, here's your chance to own a piece of history, or something.

    Badged as a Bob Jackson, but I'm not convinced it is. Either way, it's a well made Lo Pro frame for 700C wheels. Fillet brazed at the top. It's at least 531, and feels a lot lighter so possibly 653/753.

    However... at some point in its life, this frame has been hit by a car. This has knocked the brake bridge out of true by around a cm, as can be seen in the photos.
    It will need re straightening, although I have it on good authority that it rides fine as is.

    Since owning it, I've removed a stuck seat post using Caustic soda, and in the process fucked the paint. I also managed to gouge a hole in the top of the seat tube when trying to remove said seat post.
    The seat tube is now clear, but ironically, will possibly need replacing as it has a big ol' dent in the bottom as well.

    I've no idea how much the work needed on this frame will cost, but it is rideable as is - the front end is great!

    It'll need a clean and regrease inside the tubes as the Caustic Soda has removed any remnants of rust protection.

    Taking all this into account, I think £60 is a fair price. I paid £70 I seem to remember.

    It could be easily (depending on your contacts/skill level) repaired and you'll end up with a beauty of a frame for a good price, or ridden as is.

    I just don't have a need for it.

    Check out dat geo in the pics. Definitely 'every day' rideable, even with pursuit bars.

    55cm square.

    Wheels are also for sale in another thread.

    Other pictures...

  • £50 anyone? Needs some srs cleaning as there are still remnants of caustic soda inside. A garden hose would probably do it...

  • bump, this is a great deal......perfect pub / rat / hack about, it rides really nicely from memory, you dont notice it being slightly out at the back, well at least i didnt!

  • also if someone wanted the seatpost replaced Mario Vaz's repair man did one for me for cheap a few months back, but i would probably ride as is

  • Cheers man. Agreed.

  • If I can sell one of my guitars this weekend and you still have it, I'll buy a train ticket to London and grab this.

  • If this frame isn't sold in a week or so as long as the frame is good for day to day rides i would be happy to take this off your hands.

  • is this for whole bike or just the frame?

  • ^dreamin'

  • pm'd

  • Still available somehow.

    EDIT: "Come on, Michael."

  • dibs pm coming

  • Still available...

  • Whats the price now?

  • If its still 50, i'll be able to afford it by next the 2nd of July.

  • if you are willing to post i will have it

  • no ones called dibs

    pm sent

  • PM'd and no reply so I'm guessing this has been sold already?

  • Sorry man, busy week so haven't replied to any PM's. Will be less busy at the end of this week.

  • Oh, okay. No problem, by any chance if the frame is still available by the start of July I'm game.

  • PMed

  • PMed
    Join the queue.

  • indeed

  • Right then, currently chasing up Noorkoiv as he was the first person to offer pickup. Because of the damage and the work required on the frame, I'd MUCH rather someone came and had a look at it and walked away with it rather than post it.

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For Sale: 'Bob Jackson' lo pro. Needs some love.

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