Moving to Los Angeles - Anyone ridden much there?

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  • @chez_jay Pleasure. If you've not been before, PM me. I've spent 8 weeks there across a few trips so have a good grasp on the area and have a spreadsheet of recommendations that I've sent to friends.

  • Depending on your tastes you could try topanga creek outpost... Chris there couldn't be more helpful.. a great little place to borrow something for off roading or bikepacking - last year the two of us borrowed a jeff jones and a surly, a tent and some other stuff and headed out for a couple of days and night - a nice change to downtown LA!

  • Anyone on the forum (still) living in LA? Moving out in a couple of weeks, and looking for people to ride with, tips on bike culture (to the extent that it exists), and opinions as to whether I bring my road bike with me or buy one out there?

    I will be based somewhere in West LA, so looking forward to riding in the Santa Monica Mountains!

  • I live in Pasadena so don’t ride out that way very much anymore but have plenty of routes I can send. Your best bet is to join the RCC if not already. They run rides from Rapha every. Single. Day. There’s a great ride leader, Charles, who I can put you in touch with once you’re here.

    Bike culture on the west side is very ‘I take myself seriously’. If you want more chill bike stuff, Golden Saddle in Silver Lake or The Cub House in San Marino are the places to be.

  • Thanks for the reply JB. I take myself incredibly seriously so the west side sounds perfect. I will try and check out all of the above (Rapha does sound like a solid low effort option)!

    Do you have any thoughts on bringing a bike over? The lead times in the UK have been crazy for anything new recently - is there any second hand market (Craigslist and eBay didn't look excellent)?

    One final question - Critical Mass - good crowd, or to be avoided?

  • Not my cup of tea. Very fixie 2010 vibe. Unsafe riding etc.

    Rapha may seem low effort but they do some great rides on great routes.

    Bikes are available here. Anything in particular you’re looking for?

    I did bring a bike with me just in a cardboard bike box. I moved here with a bike box and two big suitcases with the intention of ‘starting over’ here.

    Are you moving here permanently or just temporarily? Do you already have accommodation? Feel free to message me on WhatsApp. PM me for my cell and we can converse and I can share some routes.

  • This looks great and might be something you could join in with

  • God, that route is miserable.

  • Met a guy from cub house who was visiting London last week. Solid dude.

  • No Idea 🙂 and will take your word for it,
    I can only say it looks a 100 times better than the UK

  • Wait. Which shop do you work at again? But yeah, Danny is the best. Such a nice guy.

  • Ha, tbf, not that bad. But you get some of the worst drivers in all of California in that part of the world. Just cyclist hating republican cunts.

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Moving to Los Angeles - Anyone ridden much there?

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