August 2011 - Rider Down/Fatality, Edinburgh

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  • Disgusting sentence and disgusting comments from the Sheriff in this case as double cyclist killer spared jail. Unbelievable:­inburgh-east-fife-22397918­/03/motorist-kills-second-cyclist-edinbu­rgh

  • Nice victim blaming there. Sickening.

  • The same sheriff:­/13908-2692/

    THE 90 year-old wife of the former Governor of the Bank of Scotland has been given the all clear to continue driving after smashing her car into a cyclist.

    Interview with the cyclist's daughter, 1 hour 36 minutes:

    Ms Brown told BBC Scotland: "Having lost my best friend and mother, no sentence was going to feel like justice. Nothing can replace mum.

    "I had prepared myself for the possibility that Gary McCourt wouldn't get a custodial sentence, but the prospect of seeing him driving again in five years is beyond comprehension.

    "How many innocent people does he have to kill before his licence is confiscated permanently?"­

    After McCourt killed the first cyclist he ran away, and had no insurance.

  • Just came on to post this. It says everything about the attitude of the majority on cycling, and mis-education on helmets generally, to read those comments from the sheriff.

  • What's troubling is that the sum total of evidence the court heard regarding the efficacy or otherwise of helmets was zero. Nothing.

  • The Edinburgh Evening News has a strong story on this.

    Including a comment from City leader Andrew Burns:

    “I’m completely astounded at the sheriff’s comments. It’s totally irrelevant and I’m amazed a sheriff has made such a comment that has no basis in fact.

    “It infers she is partly to blame which is appalling and shows a complete ignorance of the situation.”

    Green councillor Gavin Corbett said: “He says that Mrs Fyfe not wearing a helmet contributed to her death. That’s a bit like saying if I am shot while not wearing a bullet-proof vest then it’s my fault.

    “Frankly, views like these are astonishing at a time when we should be bending over backwards to make cycling safer".

  • As always with anything the EEN writes, don't read the comments.

    Hopefully enough noise about this that the sentence will be looked at again.

  • The CTC have started a campaign. It only takes a few moments to take part;­-sentence-for-driver-who-killed-twice

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August 2011 - Rider Down/Fatality, Edinburgh

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