• "Stuart Birnie is marked a finisher! (4 minutes ago) -- at 10:21:46 PM (CEST) 8/10/16"

    Thank F for that - all that whinging in my twitter timeline can stop now ;) Nice one Hippy!

  • Wow. Assos cafe at the TCR ferry port-Rapha better up their game!

  • Known forumengers still to finish: bananaskid (138km), frank9755 (572km), Emilia (616km--still on course to win the women's race), TheAdventureCapitalist (917km).

  • Of all the finishers so far, @hippy has the longest route.

  • .... What Olympics?


  • News from Turkey, from @CarlosBI ... with @hippy!!!

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  • @hippy seems to have lost weight with all that beer!

  • Nice, good result - and relax . Excellent photo - that's the look you want on your face after an event.

  • And Mal greeting Hippy :) Awesome!

  • hippy looks more like reeen than hippy. :)

  • Beard game is strong. Congrats @hippy !

  • Of all the finishers so far, @hippy has the longest and windingest route.


  • Amazing! Well done @hippy, and indeed all other forumers that have finished or are still out there. It's been incredible following your progress - truly inspiring. Chapeau!

  • Fantastic. And Mal there too, she's a fecking superstar!

  • Well done @hippy

  • haha you re crazy guys but great. i am changing my username in uber hero lol. Clive from the forum asked me about last year. i was with an alcock syndrom beaause of the saddle. i thought it would be not difficult to recover but unfortunately it has taken 9 months to see the pain go out. so this year i was undertrained ( paradoxally faster lol) and my spirit was not in the race. as we are here to support the most deserving racers. you talkd about alexandra and it was a good choice i had met her she was really courageous. i met the n°92 too she is from taiwan. i was very impressive. she is in a totally different cultural background. her bike is ordinary as she rides a btwin bike. i like this spirit: ride a bike, simply, don't need a sophisticated bike . according to me she is incredible. there are the brother munoz too with their great jersey n° 209. i met pierluigi too n°126 he is 60 years old guy. i guess miss soplanit is deserving too. i met n°148 but she said me she did'nt want to go to the final cp. and of course alberto varni who was the 2014 lanterne rouge. lionel bobb n°117 scratched last year i hope he will be able to finsh this year, he is a very kind guy. he is using the south road i wanted to use myself. 535 km between cp2 and cp3. an interesting route if you are fast on the flat. he is avoiding plenty of climbs. david #130

  • Wonderful ride from @hippy.

    Also great to see @Keiway#152 finishing 14th.

  • David

    Great to hear from you. Your ride last year was even more impressive suffering from Alcock's Syndrome. You got on your bike day after day over hugely difficult terrain for a month and did each day what any normal rider would call a long ride. Wow.

    Did you write an account of the ride? Was your plan to take a long time or was that forced on you?


  • Now with hippy and others from the forum finished and joe and Others about to within the next day or two, the time has come to look at those at the back of the field. Sadly Alex had to scratch but there will be others to cheer on.

  • Andy Boyd & James Standard 15th overall and first pair!!! ( & first Dulwich Paragon riders ) Charles Batho and Jayne Wadsworth ( 2nd claim ) on their way through.

  • With David posting on the same evening hippy finishes, Clive has only died and gone to heaven. :)

  • I look forward to hippy's return to posting, which will probably mean a couple of hundred replies in this thread. :)

  • i did n t want to take a long time. i could not ride all the day because of the alcock syndrom. this year i was with a b17 saddle and the problem is gone. But this year i am sure we will see people like me who don't want to give up this kind of aventure. personally i did'nt want to left the race because i wanted to do the current edition. i thought it would be more easy to do a second edition if i knew i had done that before. this year we will see strong people at the end. because i am sure , you must be really strong to finish a so long race that everybody has already finished.

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Transcontinental Race (London - Istanbul) - #TCRNo4

Posted by Avatar for hippy @hippy