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  • I think it's all about the beer. What's the beer like?

  • tramp beers are the best beers!!!

  • Just to add I'm keen to stay 'West'...

    And tramp beers are a win only as long as the sun shining

  • Well now, tramp beers in Regent's Park gives me an opportunity for an even deeper dredge of memory lane.

    Meeting there before doing a loop up Highgate West and back down Fitzroy Avenue. Usual attendees included dicki, lpg, and bringmemyfix. This happening predated the forum and had it's origins in the cycling plus "special interests" section. Cycling plus became bike radar and LFGSS mopped up the special interests mob.

    One instance of said event was the first time in my life that I pedalled out to meet random Internet people. #goodtimes

  • One instance of said event was the first time in my life that I pedalled out to meet random Internet people. #goodtimes

    Previous to that you used public transport for your seedy internet arranged assignations?

  • Central drinks have never worked too well on a consistent basis because very few pubs have the space for bikes and outside space that we need. In Central London, they also tend to be rammed with people who aren't on the forum. I mean, WTF? If it's central it has to be very central, like the John Snow (which is not that easy to access by bike) to attract people going off in all directions afterwards. We tried the Black Friar for a while, but that's fizzled out, and I can't think of another good pub off the top of my head.

    Critical Mass used to go to a pub called the Harp (behind Charing Cross police station) for a few years, and that always worked well and was a good social occasion--this was back in the late 90s/early 00s. There was a spacious alleyway (actually a private space under a building) next to it where people used to put their bikes. Unfortunately, pressure was put on the licensing authority to threaten the pub with removal of its licence if it continued to host CM and that was that. No other pub could be found that accommodated a similar function. Our drinks are smaller but have similar requirements. Having said that, a bit of moving around is probably inevitable for any drinks--expecting perfect conditions is a non-starter.

  • Queens head and artichoke?

  • Bit posh and limited space outside

  • ^^Euph?

  • this friday its pissing again anyway

  • Or decide on a friday lunchtime where to go based on numbers keen for a beer.

  • Just sticking this on a list, but agreed with Orko...

    Crown and Sceptre looks festive with pavement drinking and bike racks just outside.

  • C&S is always rammed (though service is speedy enough) but it does have outside space and some cage things you might use to lock to.

  • Tramp beers in Cavendish Square Gardens someday?

  • I sometimes get coffee from there.

    oh yeah? I assume its good if you go there right? :D. I tend to head over to the Brazilian Cafe Rio on Grafton Way myself; excellent coffee, a decent English breakfast and Creme Caramel to die for are specialties of the house.

  • It's hit and miss depending on who you get making it but for north of Euston Rd if you're too lazy to walk to a proper place (I am) it's better than Starbucks, Eat, Pret offerings.

    I like those Brazilian meat pattie things and their cakes but don't think I've ever had coffee from them.

  • C&S and Green Man are both my work locals (so is Yorkshire Grey) all of them are pavement nazis and I guess every pub in westminster would be due to some new rule etc., the most bike friendly pub in central (that I think) is Craft beer co in leather lane main reason being the bike shop next doors and a million couriers hanging there all the time, beer is great too only minus point is no kitchen if that is a concern but there is a fried chicken shop next door, so it's all win win .. currently they have Darkstar American Pale Ale on the cask, delicious I tell thee

  • Full of hipsters though.. oh...

  • i agree but we can ignore them like we do on compass beers ;)

  • you haven't seen hippy on compass beers
    hes all about his portable vinyl player

  • ignoring hipsters (python print high pants) is def what pooface is trying to do here...

  • Holy shit I though Xander was Dom from that pic!

  • Lukin or at a push Jeremy Bentham. Both have loads of outside standing

  • ignoring hipsters (python print high pants) is def what pooface is trying to do here...

    I seem to remember slapping those Python clad thighs, I don't think she thought I'd really do it!!

  • didn't you slap her crotch basically?
    I'd forgotten all about this but it's coming back now
    oh god

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