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  • wow i have literally no idea

    I'll give clues if everyone else is stumped, but it hasn't been up long, plus I think Mark might know, which is a clue in itself.

  • Right, not sure if I've done the map right, but here is the URL to it:

    Had a look at the London bike tag thread and noticed they have a tumblr blog too, so I set that up too:

  • Just figuring out how to do numbered map markers so refrain from adding any tags yet until I have to we don't have to do them again :-)

  • Great job Rob, will merge those links into the first post.

  • Getting there - I'll post some instructions that we can link back to so people can add their own pins.

  • Sounds perfect.

  • Studying the map has made me desperately confused about where I live and how it relates to anything

  • wow i have literally no idea

    I think I do...

  • Grapes Hill underpass:


  • That's a lovely Bob Ben, I haven't seen it before, very nice bike. No idea where your tag is though.

  • Beautiful bike. I know vaguely where that is but not exactly - gonna go hunt.

  • Castle Meadow/Prince of Wales junction:


  • I was clueless until my girlfriend pointed out that I used to live about 30 seconds away from here. Will go get it.

  • very surprised at how few of these I know

  • New Mills Yard Moorings:


  • Grr...
    Got it, tagged it, new tag done, but phone wont upload.

  • Excellent work chaps. I'll update the map / tumblr tomorrow :-)

  • Lovely tagging, folks. This is a lovely dose of Norwich while I'm at my desk in London. Nice BJ, Ben - ahead stem? Unusually modern of you...

  • Grr...
    Got it, tagged it, new tag done, but phone wont upload.

    Is this gonna materialise?

  • Damn. Was just about to do the lemming one.
    I also recognise your bike & bars combo Caeraphym. I think I saw you riding that a few days ago.

  • Where was the one before?

  • Dove Street, opposite the strip club.

  • Big up Norwich for your first week of tag. I'm enjoying your photos. In fact you're making me want to come visit!

  • Can't believe nobody's got Caeraphym's yet. I got a new camera yesterday, will go and get it today...hopefully.

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Norwich Bike Tag

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