BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • Before I list on eBay, any interest in this. 24 inch quadangle. Skyways. Etc.

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  • Just picked up a new little bike. Been consistently riding the skatepark and ramps in se7 and now can justify a new (to me) bike….

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  • That's super tempting... Don't suppose you'd swap for one of the BMX's I've got listed?

  • Few pics of (one of) my current projects. 2011 Fitbikeco Eddie v3. It was trans orange, but the lacquer had flaked off almost everywhere and water had got underneath it so decided it was time to address the situation. This is after the initial 180 grit clean up/rub down. Still got detailing/finessing to complete yet! Not sure of final colour - have some chrome shiv forks and sky high bars - so we'll see how things work out :D

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  • Did this go to ebay yet?

  • Sorry. Just saw these notifications. Sold I'm afraid

  • This was my old bmx (a very Robinson frame, make for racing) which is now used as a town hack by my old man… not to my taste now but enjoys ripping about on it, eccentric but he likes it that way 🤣

    Solid machined round bar as the seatpost due long tubes bending too easily.. other parts as it was when I used it..

    Some might know more about the frame?!

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  • My latest acquisition. An S&M Hucker (circa 2020).

    It was originally pink, but the factory finish on these is awful and you can almost see the paint flaking off if you stare at it long enough!

    I was gonna strip it and repaint in retro yellow, but in my impatience I threw some S&M and Fitbike parts on it (from the 'parts cupboard') to see how it looks and I love it! Just need to get a 33T sprocket and it's good to go!!

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  • Beaut!

  • How’s this progressing? Classic frame - would like to see the finished build when you get there.

  • Do you mean the Fit Eddie? Well... I kinda nabbed some of the parts from it for the Hucker so it's looking a bit forlorn at the moment. I did try out various combo's (between black/chrome fork, bars, stem etc.).

    I've also got a 2003 Fitbikeco Brian Foster (race frame). Uber rare!! Which needs a headset (1"), a DX V-brake, cranks/sprocket and then that's ready to go too!

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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