BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • Cheers yeah definitely that way around on gsport rims. Two pals had done the exact same thing. Should come with a big feck off warning sticker!

  • Who remembers these?

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  • I remember a few broken ones for sure. Wasn't brave enough to keep mine after that, lost enough teeth as it is

  • Haha, yeah not gonna run this on the bmx that’s for sure! Strictly cruising 😂

  • I ran mine for years with zero issues

  • Am actually thinking the same now. 20.25 I think will even be a bit big if race bmx sizing are anything to go by. Really I think she just wants a bike to contrast the road bike she has. Jumps and thing. Any reason attached is a bad idea? 150 used or there's dk sprinter I've seen for sub 100. Both have a tt of 19.5. Daughter is 141cm so 'expert' sizing. Sorry I know I'm waffling but thanks for your help.

  • That sounds like a very good price with the cranks and fork

  • still looks big to me. and fatter tyres might be nicer or she might not care. have you looked up recommendations around wheel size? 16" might just get you a better fit, I don't know.

  • Have taken a chance with it. I hope she will like it. Has lovely exr28 hubs but rear needs truing a bit. Thanks yall

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  • Sweet, glad you got something sorted. She will love it I'm sure.

  • Clever Mike saying the rear rim is knackered. No white rims available. Blue or silver box components rim? Blue right. Hubs are blue. Rode it around the block and quickly realised both my bikes are shit.

  • Just to say, I've been riding 20" since I was 7 in 1990, there just wasn't any other options... we bought what the older kids had trashed and fixed them up best we could. We never considered sizes on a bmx until we were teenagers, didn't stop us resting sheets of ply on whatever we could find and jumping off it. Your kid will love it!

    My eldest at age 7...

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  • Got a couple of pump track options near me, has me thinking I should pick up a bmx. Haven’t ridden bmx since I had a Haro in my early teenage years (sadly got mugged for it one morning doing my paper round), what should I look for on eBay that will be not completely shit but won’t set me back a fortune?

  • Advice I received (possibly in this thread even) was 21"+ top tube is best - more dirt jump focused for pump track - 21" frame size seems to push you toward more legit bikes rather than cheapy kids stuff which tend to be smaller.
    If its just for pump track a 24" wheel size race/cruiser thing is also good - this looks pretty sick for the money.­hash=item3b7a7e5a5c:g:ZmYAAOSwEEpiQLLa
    I also thought a smallish 90s mtb could make a good budget pump track option if it wasn't too heavy and you stripped it down to a single speed setup with a short stem , wide bars and some baloony tyres.

  • This is sick, but too nice for me - deserves to go to someone who will ride it rather than very infrequently taking it to the pump track before realising they are too old for this shit

  • a smallish 90s mtb

    I do have a slightly too small GT team avalanche hanging on the wall in the garage that was supposed to be ending life as a pub bike but this is actually a much better fate for it

  • Sweet - I found a 17" Alu Rockhopper flytipped in the woods last week. I do need a pub / shopper but a silly fun machine is tempting. When they opened the new track near me last year some cool dude gave me a try of his fancy Jump bike - it was a hoot.

  • Haha all good. Let me know if you change your mind!

  • Got stag do drunk and finally bought a BMX again after setting up an eBay saved search for a Soundwave about 3 years ago

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  • Needs forks if anyone has any spare lying around

  • Nice ride. LHD with pegs on the same side. What side do you grind on?

  • It's just how it was set up, got to sort that out. I grind on the right so LHD is good for me, just need to swap pegs back over.

    Had a quick sesh while putting it in the garage from the car and fuck me the front comes up quick on modern geo. Can barely manual it without looping out. It's a long way away from my old TRLS250

  • Short chainstays make it easier to spin I think. I'm still riding something quite long myself. Have gone to 165mm cranks though.

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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