BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • Decided to see if I can fix my front wheel. Took it apart and the cone has a huge chunk missing.

    Are all 14mm axle (unsealed bearings) cones the same?

  • Are all 14mm axle (unsealed bearings) cones the same?

    I doubt it very much, but if a donor wheel/cone is cheap then might be worth a try.

  • Totally. Might be a fun nibble for you + 2 mates which will never happen. The slightly banked sub is the only good thing. Otherwise total waste of time.

  • Need a 33t sprocket, if anyone has one for sale?

    Edit - need a 30t! Not a 33.

  • Any of you cats got a spare stem knocking about?

  • Only a cheap front load

    Actually 2, but one is 25.4 clamp that someone sold me as 22.2 by accident.

    Both black

  • cheers - pinged you a message.

  • Not much new to report, maybe the stem has changed. Going to get a nicer freecoaster when I can budget for it.

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  • My little s&m

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  • My Cult Cruiser, Subrosa 22, and the boys Mongoose balance and Kink Rooster

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  • people of smaller bikes! this is very much a shy question - but ive realised that now my son is bombing it about in the garden and park on his balance bike it'd be great to muck about on something a little more 'fun'... without meaning to diminish true BMX, any recommendations on what to look out for on the 'bay as a toy bike? Any reliable brands / size considerations?

  • How old are they?
    Are they also pedalling or yet to learn?

    Small bmx might be an option, like a 14"/16"/18" depending on age/size.

    Or something like a mini rocker

  • ah - it's for me, a fully grown averagely sized human who once had a bmx but achieved very little with it... kiddo is on a balance bike, just figured it would be fun to learn manuals, and scoot about the garden / early morning pump track / park with him at closer to his level

  • 😅
    Get yourself any half decent 20" with 3 or 2 piece cranks, 14mm rear axle, avoid gyros.

    If 20" sound small look for a 24" cruiser

  • I've got a Nirve Tempt you can have for £20. Nothing special, but it did me for lockdown rides with the kiddies when no-one was out on the roads

  • Sounds like a comprehensive hit list, thanks!

  • Gyro and 1 piece cranks... Those were the days. Oh and 8 piece bars.

  • I've found Facebook marketplace to have better deals than Ebay for bmxs. Lots of custom/semi-custom completes on there. All depends on your budget.

  • total ignoramus as far as facebook and it's market place - I'll take a look, thanks for the tip!

  • Here's my specialized vegas - 2001 I think. Totally original - still has the Evans frame sticker and chain tensioners :) The grips could do with replacing, but they're original so I'm inclined to leave it as is and just rag it around the local pump track :D

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  • It looks like the sticker says "NO Shimano"

  • Shimano equipped :)

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  • Laps of Herne Hill on a BMX lol!!

  • Laps of the track would be easy, this will be slightly more tricky

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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