BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • I have most of a cruiser that I'm thinking of moving on. Needs cranks and a brake but I might also be able to help with that, if a cruiser is your cuppa?

  • I don't want to look a right sad-o, so it sounds like it'd fit the bill. Got any photos?

  • I have an old Nirve Tempt that I'm finally resigning myself to getting rid of. I've only used it for the real extreme hardcore stuff like going to the park/shops/pub, hopping kerbs and riding down 4-sets etc.
    It's certainly not flash, but it's still going strong and I will part for it for very cheap despite the childhood sentimental value.
    Can post pics on Monday if you're interested?

  • Anyone got a curtis

  • Well I was dumping this lot at the scrapyard and noticed this in the pile. I love those weirdly shaped stays so had to rescue it.

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  • Dibs the cranks

  • You need a one piece set? I got spares.

  • Anyone interested in buying my Fit Series 1 frame?

    It's a 20.5" top tube, 14mm dropouts, usa bb (but I'm including a set of adapter cups so it can take a mid bb).

    It's had the brake posts and cable stop chopped off. The bases for the posts are there so I was going to drill them out a bit, tap them and be able to fit removable studs but I never got round to it.

    Few dents, one on the downtube, one on the r/h seatstay, some grinding scars on the r/h chainstay but nothing too bad.

    Edit: Oops, price! Does £75 posted sound about right?

    Edit: Gonna chuck this up on other places, maybe eBay. I’ll be asking for a bit more though so if anyone here fancies it gimme a shout.

    If you object to me leaving this post up give me a shout too and I’ll pull it down. Cheers.

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  • Putting the X back into bmx...!

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  • Could totally ride with a small rack on the front.

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  • I'm not even mad

  • Wired up a cga-vga board to the jamma supergun, plugged in Punk Shot to test the video. Turns out I’m in the game.

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  • took eldest mini me to the wilds of east ham today

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  • First time on a pump track. Loads of fun.

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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