BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • Was riding the Acid today and passed a guy riding this. Had to stop and ask him about it. Some questionable choices made, but it seems to be his baby, and a work in progress.

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  • Is that a dura-ace derailleur?
    Funky bike, I think I like it

    Edit:oh and DA sticker on the top tube haha

  • Yea he seemed to bosch it and it works, but the pie plate stops the mech travel clashing on the spokes. He said he used to ride road as a teen and always wanted DA, so this had to get classic DA spec. Oval chainring and all...!

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  • The more I look, the more I like it.
    Is that 2 or 3 sprockets on the back?

    Btw I love that you rescue BMX bikes from being scrap!
    Wish I had more time to do that myself

  • I counted two, he was trying to replicate some golden ratio off another build or something.

    Heh, thanks. Yea I can’t afford to just buy something good and I do love to recycle!

  • My slayer

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  • Needs a beavis and butthead sticker somewhere

  • I agree! Might source it somewhere

  • I remember way back when, there was an article in BMXAction bike on how to turn your BMX into a new fangled mtb, gears n all.

    Ive been messing around on a little bike since a looong break. First the council built a concrete park round the corner (cheers) then better gym built an indoor park down the road.

  • I put a High-5 Ghost (like this one, but smaller) on my black forks, it was a little more subtle than a reflecto-cock. Less permanent too.

    @lardy well jell. There’s a couple small skate parks around near me but I am so rubbish with getting anything other than my penis trapped between the wheel and rear stay, I’d prefer a good pump track.

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  • @pdlouche Im SE7 if your ever in this neck of the woods.

    I bought a knackered WTP arcade without thinking about tt length, its short and sketchy as anything on ramps.

  • Those pedals look like proper shin mashers

  • They are! Part of the game

  • Yeah I've always loved grippy pedals.
    Just got my first pair of plastic ones!
    After 5 years of the nickname 'kebab legs'

  • Sclater street last weekend had a pair of blue DMR’s, so perfect to match the pair of Loccd grips (non-identical blue though). So so so nice to have plastic pedals again, and these pins are so tall and grippy it’s insane.

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  • Also did I imagine it or did someone ask for high-ish rise bars recently?

    I picked these up locally and have taken some parts, Possibly another chainring will disappear. BB’s move fine as do headsets.

    As I’m in Swindon I can maybe carry them on the coach to Victoria, or more easily post at cost. Any interest in them in return for forum donation (you still pay post, though, Collect+ etc).

    Red is a Diamondback Option. Bars seem pretty sweet, relatively high and wide.

    Black is rattlecanned and no idea.

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  • Just snapped my cranks, anybody got a spare pair knocking about?

  • @pdlouche has probably got a sweet one piece for you

  • Think that @psg1ben wants 3-piece though

  • Show me a sweet one piece haha

  • .

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  • I'm after a BMX foro mucking about with my kids. Anyone have anything for a 6 ft bloke going cheap? I reckon I could stretch to £100.

    nothing flash, but nothing so so duff that'll mean all the cool kids will laugh at the old bald bloke on a silly little bike


  • Just get a cruiser or you’ll look like a right sad-o.

  • He wasn’t tall, but he also wasn’t the gnarliest looking shredder if you get me.

    That said, I just put the tallest seatpost possible on the Huffy, using the seattube cut out of one of the scrapyard bikes as reinforcement.

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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