BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • Built up this Macneil Deuce Deuce frame recently, loving the longer top tube and chainstays. Makes big quarters and jumps feel tasty

  • So I've got these old frames to sell if anyone's interested:

    Fly Campillo 21.25tt

    Macneil 20.5tt

  • Accidentally got this today. Felt 20”, no idea but pretty bog standard spec.

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  • @Stu_F How much for the Campillo? Interested.

  • New cockpit today. Some 8 1/2 bars that feel super big compared to the standard, plus flipped front loader and extra spacers laying around. Would love it even higher or to grab some perfect-10’s some time, but all that can wait if I ever buy a longer race bmx. Also tightened up the loose bb and loose headset so feels a bit safer. Also a bit of the crazy reflective high vis tape.

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  • You're after a race bmx? I'm on the fence about selling my 21" Haro maybe?

  • Only just rescued this one from getting flattened at the scrapyard, but it's a bit back-achey, supposed to be saving for a new mtb. PM me though! Definitely interested.

  • Well...shit.

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  • Chainring looks a little worn.

  • Skipped it. Nearly grabbed a RBK with tri spok mags today from the scrapyars but doomed to similar fate.

  • That was rad, got to the end and saw "Directed, Shot, and Edited" by Matty Lambert.

    It feels so weird seeing names of people you used to ride with what feels like a lifetime ago having a successful career in BMX.

  • Yup, makes me wish I'd kept riding with them

  • I'm after a decent rim (or wheel for the right price) to build onto a hub I've just ordered, 36h if anyone has it please.
    Preferably black

  • Really miss my old boy

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  • Hmmmm

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  • Yup. New front wheel, a few bits cleaned up and an hour with aluminium foil, rides okay.

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  • I'm switching up my setup a bit so thought I'd see if anyone has some parts going.

    Pivotal seat & post, or a combo with padded seat and enough post to have a few inches higher than slammed

    Fork - something wide enough for a 2.3" tyre with 24mm offset or less. Black or green preferably.

    Also after a freecoaster wheel/hub (lhd preferred) and a peg for 14mm axle with a plastic sleeve/cover.

  • Another shit midschool. Will post a proper photo tomorrow. These were at the scrapyard before rescuing it (for a small £).

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  • There we go. Swapped for a short post for bumming about. Probs remove the gyro at a minimum. In two minds whether to keep it as-is or replace the wheels for something lighter and put the big bars on that were bought for the felt.

    Ideally I find a third and final bmx that is long and tall and old school enough to warrant a tall seatpost and tall bars.

    Currently this needs attention to the loose rear wheel, shoddy brake performance, mismatched brake levers, and whatever that weird noise is while pedalling. Oh and probably some less angry pedals. Fun tho.

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  • Ha! That Huffy is pretty cool! Weigh a ton? My mate had one and it was a beast!
    I keep getting a urge to seek out a Hoffman George in blue/black. It was tiny but my fav bike I had in my teens to ride.

  • Where on earth are you finding these monstrosities?

  • It’s like they shrunk a Dutch bike and then filled it full of lead! I am loving it though.

    @chrisbmx116 it’s a super secret.....

    .....(a scrapyard)

  • Was riding the Acid today and passed a guy riding this. Had to stop and ask him about it. Some questionable choices made, but it seems to be his baby, and a work in progress.

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  • Is that a dura-ace derailleur?
    Funky bike, I think I like it

    Edit:oh and DA sticker on the top tube haha

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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