BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • Got your leg in a cast or something? haha
    Probably not, wait and see the pictures and stuff first, you might not want it.

  • Nah, had my appendix out along with loads of fluid from an infection so not got functioning abdominal muscles at the moment. I'll wait for pics

  • .

  • Finally got a bmx a few weekends back! Bought it complete so will have quite a few changes happening, especially in regards to all the white powdercoating.­ank-grizzly-bmx-34489

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  • Are any of you OG riders going to MK17 or House of Vans this weekend?

    (Here's my Redline Proline 24)

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  • Picked up this little bundle of joy (S&M / Credence M.O.D) last night for a decent price - would of specced a couple of things differently if I had built myself but it's not far off so I'm pretty pleased. Think I will pop a brake on there and hopefully be able to get a few days riding in before the weather turns to complete shite.

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  • Solid purchase! Also on a Credence.... best frames ever.

  • You obviously never Dirt Bike'd :-)

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  • Oh boy that nice, apart from the trials rider chainring! Is that a reissue? I was always a Holmes guy...

  • Ah, the Holmes. "Notice the length" (obligatory quote from '44-something'). No, not a reissue sadly, just a stock photo of someone else's. I used to have the 1st gen Aheadset Dirt Bike, sold it ridiculously cheap years back. Biggest mistake of my cycling life. Now saving up for an ATF 24, cruiser life for me these days.

  • xmas time and the family photo albums come out

    mongoose californian and pet thrush perched atop the cw's

  • Thrush obviously mistaking the massive CWs for a tree. Easily done.

  • Anyone got a complete BMX for sale at the minute? Ideally a Mutiny Burlish (long shot), but open to anything really.

  • We have an old school Kuwahara cruiser we aren’t using at the mo!

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  • Sat the boss down to watch Turbo Kid the other day... been thinking of building up an old school style (high saddle etc) bmx ever since. This seems to be a recurring theme. Should probably just do it.

  • Looking to get back into BMX a bit so just wondering if anyone has anything to suit 6'3".

    I'm after something relatively light as I won't be doing anything too burly, just mini ramps and hoping to do some dirt jumping.

  • BMX is rad! This is my current bike setup.

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  • Just finished building up my dream build..

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  • Hey Dr Stu! This looks rad. And you're over 6ft right?

  • Thank mate. Yeah 6'3

  • Still looking for a ride

  • I've got a Mutiny Rune I might be selling. Drop me a PM if you're interested.

  • Anyone got a 24 inch front wheel they want to shift? Beater is fine. Tia!

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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