BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • A few shots of my collection that I have restored and built

    Redline PL20

    Hutch Pro Raider

    Kuwahara ET Elliot Replica

    Mongoose Supergoose and Pro Class

    VDC Changa Long

    Changa and Redline

    SE PK Ripper (Looptail)

    SE Quadangle

    Haro Sport

    Haro Gen 1 Freestyler

    Skyway TA and Haro Gen 1

    24" Skyway TA

  • A few missed posts there.

  • Awesome man. I once swapped a shopper for this:­=727&pictureid=14531
    1984 BH BMX

  • That 24" Skyway looks like it'd be so much fun to ride. Wheelies for days.

  • It looks nice in the video but a picture would be better. Post away.

  • here we go:­9w.jpg

    chester the pug lurking too

  • I'm bored.
    Here is a vid of my old trails...­RA

  • A few shots of my collection that I have restored and built

    Kuwahara ET Elliot Replica

    24" Skyway TA

    The ET Rep is amazing. As a kid I used to watch and re watch just that part of ET until I broke the VHS! Boyhood dream bike.

    The 24" wheeled bike looks so much fun. I keep toying with the idea of a 24" or 26" wheeled bmx to cruise around on. Will have to do it one day.

  • I'm bored.
    Here is a vid of my old trails...­RA

    That was quality. Those trails look like a lot of fun.

  • does anyone have a profile 9t driver for sale? i have cracked mine and lost a tooth

  • Don't have any small, bike only images - just this one from the other night.
    Bit too old to be dropping ££, so I just got a basic complete for my 30th and have tarted it up over the past year, or two:

  • There's quite a few of us on here, I can't be the only one making videos. So go show off what your scene is doing in here.

  • i can't do any tricks

  • Anyone wants a 16T ACS Southpaw freewheel? Did not notice it's left side drive (yeah, the name was the giveaway but wasn't paying much attention to it) and have no use for it.

  • I'm bored.
    Here is a vid of my old trails...

    That was quality. Those trails look like a lot of fun.

    Look like rocky old goat paths to me

  • Good to see you on here Jimwise ;)

    Couple from me..

    Haro 85 master recently sold to fund my latest build

    83 Silver Fox (bike I had BITD, unfortunately not the same one)

    Use a new school bike for ramps nowadays, but the old school bikes still get used for pub cruises & charity rides, here's me and a few mates outside St Paul's

  • Custom Built Sunn BMIX 26" Cruiser­jpg

  • I've rebuilt my back wheel after breaking far too many spokes. The front one is nearly due the same treatment, it's 8 spokes down but still staying pretty straight.

    I've also got a new G-Sport Pleg 2 on the front, I'm waiting for IMG to get 14mm ones in so I can run them on the right and put my Butchers on the left. So far I'm happy with the new Plegs, they seem much stiffer than the Mk1s, and slide nicer and are thicker than the Butcher sleeves.

  • yo, anyone got some tyres, preferably a pair of 2.3's in decent nick? can swap for money, or part exchange with a pair of cult hawks?
    lemme know!

  • ^^ Looking mean Ed.
    Big ole dent in the tt?

  • Yeah massive dent on the top tube, there's a dent on the other side as well, plus one on the top of the seat stay and two on the chain stay. It's been in this state for over a year and shows no sign of giving up any time soon, you can't go wrong with a Sunday.

  • Boss.
    It's an old Schwartz right?

  • Yeah. I'm tempted to find another one before this one breaks, it's either that or I take a gamble on a Sunday Soundwave and hope the geometry changes don't feel drastically different.

  • I'd still be on my OG Sunday if it wasn't for wanting to try (and really getting on with) a shorter frame.
    Last I heard it's still being ridden by a mate's brother.

  • i've got a mint s2i for the dreaded day that i the one i use now fails. the way it's held up so far though i'm sure sure that day will come

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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