BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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  • I know there's a few of us on here, and it doesn't seem fitting to put this in current projects nor the FGFS bike thread. So what are you riding?

    Here's my Sunday Ian. It's a bit sorry for itself at the moment and I broke another pleg since I took the photos so it'll probably be returning to a full jpeg setup again.

  • I can play?

  • Only if you showed those jumps who's the boss.

  • Cours I fackin did.

  • Kink Liberty 2012 - my eBay bargain at only 80gbp delivered. Mission components and Alienation Black Sheep rims

  • This as my BMX before Christmas. My knees cant take it anymore so it has found a better home, with a younger and ore robust owner.

    Frame: Fit WiFi
    Forks: Subrosa Alameda
    Bars: Federal Ty Morrow
    Stem: Cult Salvation
    Cranks: Odyssey Twombolts
    Sprocket: odyssey Hawk
    Wheels: Gsport Ratchet/Marmoset on Primo Balance
    Tyres: Cult Dehart.
    Seat: Federal Pivotal 2ForJoy

  • Slightly OT, but my BMX replacement -

    This looks pretty cool! What frame is it?

    I've ridden BMX on and off since my late teens but the older I get, the less I seem to do it. This is currently sitting in my hallway unused. I always said I'd never be without a BMX as I know that once I sell it, it'll be a while before I get another one but I'm currently thinking about selling this and getting a jumpy rigid 24"/26" mtb/cruiser in the hope I might use it a bit more.

    Anyhoo, it's a United Supreme with a random assortment of parts.

    Also have this that I was going to do a light resto on but haven't got round to yet! Original Universal Super Track 16" wheeled pseudo-bmx from about 1990.

  • NS Metropolis.

    Awesome. Is it 24"/26" or 26"/700?

    If I could get something like that or a Sunn BMix (if I could find one!) it would be a good, usable replacement for my bmx.

  • This is mine, still ride it, not as much as id like too, but its an unbelievably nice bike to ride.

    Uploaded with

  • 3 pegs?

  • This was mine from new in 84.

  • ^^Awesome! Plus points for having it from new too!

  • Na just 1 peg. Used to run a superstar micro peg on the back. But it was lethal

  • ^^^.superb

  • my 2009 Federal Hamilton.

  • That's what I'm talking about. I'm loving the Hamilton-esque paint job and the 90EAST and SKAVENGER stickers.

  • ^^ Awesomeness! Love the 90east stickers

  • 2006(ish?) 19" Hamilton, odyssey freestyle forks (sometimes front brake goes on), scerbo bars, 160mm (flatware) twombolts, zodiac sprocket, primo viking clamp, ratchet/ribcage rear, vandero2/hazard front. all that's changed now is 2 pegs on the left.


    my trans orange Subrosa Balum,
    spec is;

    • Subrosa Balum v2 in trans orange.
    • Shadow Creeper forks
    • Animal Big4 Bars
    • Gsport birdcage rims to shadow raptors front and back
    • Animal TWW tyres
    • Profile 165mm cranks
    • FBM holeshot sprocket
    • Federal PHAT seat
    • Tempered front load stem
    • 3 pegs
    • Gsport gland hub guards

    its my baby...

  • also how do you embed?

  • Looking for any old school rides no longer needed. I need another project to work on.

  • Very sweet nice set up.

  • Samuel_ and themissinglink

    sickest set ups!

  • Looking for any old school rides no longer needed. I need another project to work on.

    How old school is old school?

    This is a bike that I had last year. 1984 BH BMX from Portugal i believe.

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BMX - Lets see your little bikes.

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