• Oh hai guyz.

    My beloved track frame (aluminium) which I have recently replaced with a nice Billy Merckx of dat there fella Pistoffski.

    I've ridden the bike predominantly at Herne Hill and it has had very few road miles, maybe a few laps of Rapha Park, much to the Dynamo's disgust.

    Pro-lite Trentino Track 58cm frame + forks - **£200 **inc sugino BB.

    Its stiff but still comfortable.

    I also have the Alpina Wing TT crabon post available separately for** £30** its 27.2 afaik.

    Hit me up if you have any questions or want to know more.

    Frame located in TW9.

    Seatpost can be picked up in SW1Y.

    *PS Wheels, chainset and saddle not for sale (yet). *

  • oops.

  • ooh, looks kind of interesting. Have you got any info on the geometry or if its drilled for a front brake (for TTs)? If you know what year it is i could look it up.

  • Too big, Ved. Bump

  • Dan - yes drilled for a brake.

  • Not sure what happened there just lost my post ffs hippy....

    From memory

    HT - 180
    ST - 58
    HT - 57

    Its 2009 and I don't think geo's changed all that much.

  • cheers, I'll check that against my existing fames tonight to get a feel for it. Don't wait for me if anyone else is interested though...

  • looks like its gonna be a wee bit on the big side for me but good luck with the sale. (bump)

  • No worries dan.

  • Price drop.

    £190 F+F+BB

  • hello..are any of the forks you have for sale 1"? if so please PM me..would be very interested..


  • no sorry

  • last bump before evilbay.

    **£170 ** F+F+BB

    £200 with seatpost.

  • Too cheap. Sorry.

  • Can't believe this won't shift...

  • Dibs. PM coming

  • Nice. Now can I get out of the bloody nursery.

  • Provisionally sold pending collection.

  • Sold!


For Sale: Pro-Lite Trentino Frame (58) & Forks + Alpina Wing TT carbon post

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