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  • http://microcosm-cc.github.io/

    This is basically coming on leaps and bounds.

    We're using this internally, such that Matt is using the docs to implement the front-end, and I'm using the docs as acceptance checks for the work I do on the back-end.

    If anyone spots any flaws, inconsistencies or has issues, then let us know as we'll fix them immediately.

    Hopefully, in a matter of months... this will be the API for LFGSS. With that in mind, if you're interested in making a client for LFGSS or have stuff on LFGSS integrate with other sites, we'd really appreciate feedback on these docs.

  • The docs have been updated with the event attendees stuff.

    Which means an end to lists! Well... attendance lists, Microcosms allows event invites, acceptances, declines, etc... and tells you who is going to an event.

    I've also just pushed the code to live servers. And whilst it's not actually wired up to DNS, it is alive.

    Oh, and on a side note... the design rushes look really nice. We'll be implementing those Monday onwards, so we'll see how they work in practise then.

  • Which means an end to lists! .

    You won't please everyone ;)

  • Just been updated to add attributes.

    Basically attributes are key:value pairs that can be created against lots of different things, from the site, down to a conversation, or a comment, or even a profile.

    It's actually a pre-requisite of implementing roles and permissions, as it gives the ability to define "all people who have this attribute".

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API Documentation

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