2013-07-20 Sat/Sun - Dunwich Dynamo DD21

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  • ^The set is a bit light on actual night shots since I took along a camera I haven't used before. Put the camera into 'night mode' thinking it was ok, even the previews looked ok, but they were all blurry and out of focus :-(

  • Compliment.
    Glad you ditched the stupid Panasonic and got a proper bike.

    You calibrated your power about and biological passport yet?

    Still have no idea what you're talking about and whether or not you're being sarcastic :-)

    But yes, getting a road bike is the best decision I've ever made. Literally.

  • Great ride as usual, though I can't help feeling that there are now sooooo many people that it's not quite as much fun. Posibly this is because I only had to look at the route once - where there was a gathering of head scratchers at a junction. I didn't go for more than a few seconds the whole night without seeing red lights.

    Rode 1st bit with Ramaye, Middleofknowhere, Vanugu and Dicki, but I got dropped before Epping - too fast-a-pace for me (Matt). Met up again at Moreton where there was, as Jah Tim called it a 'road block', only to be pleasantly surprised that the pub was empty!

    Next cought up with the four at Finchingfield - though not knowingly - they were apparently hiding in the dark from me. Also bumped into Jah Tim there, this time sporting a natty blue turban of which someone said (Al at the beech) "from here, it looks like Marge Simpson".

    At Sibil H. we met up properly. Mat and Chris went for a nap and the rest of us said hi to Skydancer, Skully and Oliver, then went of at a slightly more sedate pace (Ian-speed). Matt wizzed past us about 4:30-5:00!

    At the beech I went for a micro-swim (one which lasts less than a minute) before heading back to the Ship for a pint of Cider and a Tea (don't ask) followed by a cooked breakfast which was twice the price of the Flora, but probably twice as good!

    Despite the dreary, dissappointing weather at Dunwich, I still had a good time!

    NB. It never ceases to amaze me that with all the hundreds (and these days thousands) of people riding through the night, so few of us go for a swim. It really is sooooo refreshing

  • oh yes, forgot to mention how good most of us feel after managing 116+miles over-night, then I saw the @Hippy did 521 miles in 24hrs to win national TT title.
    Chappeau Hippy!

  • ...also
    I don't think many of us think about quite how much work the helpers/organisers put in at Sible H. They really do do a long old stint!
    so chappeau to them too!

  • As oliver said, there's lots of people doing lots of work to make this happen, in particular the coach organisers. In the case of Sible Hedingham, along with Brenda, Patsy, and all us other people who got involved, much generosity comes from the Parish Council who allow is to descend on their Village Hall for 24hrs, in such huge numbers, and the tolerance of the neighbours if the hall to allow it to continue.

    Ha! Yes usually have at least one bout of trying to catch up with someone who's behind or stopping and waiting for the bloke ahead of me.

    Actual lols over my breakfast. Redolent of Dunwich experience.

    I have managed in the past to ride it sticking with just one other person throughout, and that's worked really well.

    oh yes, forgot to mention how good most of us feel after managing 116+miles over-night, then I saw the @Hippy did 521 miles in 24hrs to win national TT title.
    Chappeau Hippy!

    Wow! That's amazing. Fucking amazing. Well done Hippy, absolute respect for that. Chapeau bas! Treat yourself to lots of pie.

  • Not at all.

    In fact, he's one of the nicest people I've met off of here.

    He sounds like a right cunt ;)

  • 3 wolves 1 moon t-shirt, in real life, that's more powerful than a dose of Lance special boost juice.

  • Can anyone enlighten me as to the following descriptions forum name please?

    Grupetto rider, real name Jason, Aussie notfromdoncaster?

    I want to say JC Garcia but not sure, he kindly lent me a spoke key which I still have and would like to give back...

  • jay gee

  • jc garcia is the guy who runs pubs that we visit on the guiness ride
    and he used to run the pub easts now frequents

  • jay gee

    Gotcha, brilliant - thanks!

  • not exactly aussie though. and I thought you were good with accents.

  • I did put a question mark, and I did know he wasn't from Donk-aster!

    Also, has he changed his username? not appearing under the member search for "Jay Gee"?

  • search for jaygee

  • ooops

  • Got it, cheers all!

  • he's actually Welsh

  • Yes, and part Inuit too.

  • and was for a while mistaken for the reincarnation of jesus, this was following the discovery of the brixton teatowel.

  • Think that's conker (ian) in the blue with a large shoulder bag.
    I am the one hugging my knees for warmth - post swim of course.

    TIme to play spot the forum cap.

    my DD flickr set

  • He's actually the son of God.

  • I'm actually properly surprised the Key of JG didn't cause a massive wheel malfunction.

  • It is a powerful tool in the wrong hands.

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2013-07-20 Sat/Sun - Dunwich Dynamo DD21

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