The day that Thatcher died

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  • also, Brixton street party now

  • A very shortsighted view-- not unlike the arguments about RR in US whose policies are to blame for the current state of affairs. Instead of investing in new technology for factories she helped convert the UK to a services economy. The last plank of the UK economy is its parsitic banks....

    You could also argue that she created a banking system that made us the financial capital of the world, and had the foresight to know that we needed such a sector to compensate for the inevitable decline of mass manufacturing in this country in the face of labour forces in the Far East we could never compete with.

    On a side not the British car industry in now producing more cars than at any time in history, they just have a Nissan badge on the bonnet. Hardly a decline in that sector.

  • also, Brixton street party now

    Where's Joe & Snowy?

  • not for all though

  • apollo you in brixton?!

  • apollo you in brixton?!

    no, I'm on Twitter

  • also, Socialst Worker in publicity stunt right now.


  • not taken patronisingly and we'll try not to screw up too bad to save your kids the trouble.

    or at least work with them.

    Good stuff, talk to the kids I mentor about working with youngsters to help them into an industry. It's not new you know but then few things in this world are ;)

  • you are taking the piss now aren't you!?!?!

    I hope so

  • My generation rules the streets whilst trying to correct YOUR generation's fuck ups.

    Sorry but the students are just trying to follow in the footsteps of my generation of students from the 1970s and 80s.. it was the Anarcho and new left movements in the 1970s that helped overthrow the military dicatorship.. It was not about money but freedom and the risks were real.. It was the uprising at the Polytechnic in 1973 that brought down the Junta... and it was the students that tried to make a new Greece... And the current struggle? Seems more about trying to regain the status quo of before the collapse--- an economy driven by corruption--- rather than a new better Greece..

  • lol at even asking why she's hated. If you don't know then you're from an area lucky enough not to be decimated by her free-market fetishism and winding down of industry.

    She is on record as having deliberately singled out Liverpool to be left to wither and die, was enormously paranoid about the constituent countries of the UK outside of England being too powerful and sought to lessen their economic strength as a form of political control. The reason why that tit Cameron doesn't have any sway in Scotland, and no Tory PM ever will, is because the destruction done 30 years ago is still very much a festering wound on the social landscape.

    When you look at the chain of command involved in the Hillsborough tragedy I'd bet my left knacker that the buck stopped with her.

  • Seems more about trying to regain the status quo of before the collapse--- an economy driven by corruption--- rather than a new better Greece..

    I'll disagree there, but this is not the thread for it...

  • When you look at the chain of command involved in the Hillsborough tragedy I'd bet my left knacker that the buck stopped with her. reckon??!

  • Why all the anti liverpool stuff from people?
    really riles me.

  • Because it really riles people.

  • Why all the anti liverpool stuff from people?
    really riles me.

    Cos we've had it for years mate, easy target

  • Because it really riles people.

    What does? Scousers, the town? the football team?

  • Anti Liverpool stuff riles up people, mainly you, it's just a bit of trolling designed to rile up a couple of people, and it has.

  • So the party is in Brixton, is it!?

    I always thought it was going to be Traflagar square, I've been waiting here with my bottle of Tizer for 3 hours now FFS.

  • I left liverpool to study abroad in 1978 just before thatcher came to power. I returned to find part of the town burnt down, beggars on the streets, no work for anyone and London full of yuppies snorting coke drinking champaign. Ding Dong!

  • Mrs Lady Thatcher intruded in to my life at several points.
    Before she was Prime Minister, just a lowly Minister for other things, she was known as the milk thief because she stopped schoolchildren having free milk. I was only 6 at the time but I can remember to this day, with a vivid horror, those bony fingers of hers, and that malicious grin of hers, as she went round our class room taking from our innocent hands the small bottles of creamy milk that we looked forward to so much every day, scooping them up in a wicker basket as she went, our young and lovely teacher, Miss Patterson, frozen to the spot in disbelief and anguish as this scene, seemingly straight from the imaginations of one or both the Brothers Grimm, unfolded. The Lady Mrs Thatcher was an alarmingly 'hands-on' politician.
    In 1982 my family and I were enjoying our annual holiday with our Argentinian cousins at their B&B in Port Stanley. I hardly need tell the rest.
    Just a couple of years later my mother, a very spiritual woman, possessed of healing hands and a radar-like intuition, had got herself an extremely well paying job working as Arthur Scargill's personal fortune teller and, as it would be described now, 'life coach'. The family's future, which after the debacle of two years previous had seemed bleak, now looked assured.
    It took a long, long time for me to recover from that period. But by 1988 I was back on my feet and, by that time, was what is known in psychological circles, as a 'proselytising homosexual'. My every waking hour was devoted to promoting gay sex, gay lifestyles and gay abandon. For perhaps the first time in my life I was truly happy. Some of you are no doubt too young to remember Section 28. Suffice it to say that once again my nemesis was having the last laugh.
    How I came to lose a big toe during the poll tax riots, while, ironically, out shopping for new sandals, is a long and somewhat gruesome story that I won't relate here. Surely, I thought, when she resigned not long after, this would prove to be the last time that the Lady would blight my life.
    And yet, not 2 weeks ago, I was walking past her home in Chester Square, when the remains of a cheese flan landed square on my head. Looking up I am quite sure I saw the Mrs Lady, now very old, wizened and bent but still with that distinctive coiffure, looking down at me, holding a china plate and grinning just as she had decades before as she prised a half pint of full cream from my grasp.

    I think relief will be what I mainly feel tonight.

  • 'Thatcher's death: It's all about me.'

  • Mandela will be having a giggle to himself. Looked to be a neck and neck race as to who would live longest but the man she called a 'terrorist' for wanting racial equality in South Africa and the end of apartheid will have the last laugh.

    fucking great post!

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The day that Thatcher died

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