For Sale: British made backpacks and daysacks

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  • Custom commute backpack and survey done.

  • Survey done, good to see you might be back!

  • Done! Daysack please, black and camo- you've done one before, seen on yr Insta. Concealed rear pocket!

  • Done. Welcome back, hopefully!

  • Happy to see this! Still loving my rucksack and mini rando bag :)

  • Awesome to see this, my Daysack is still going strong and taking abuse in its stride!

  • Done the survey - Chiming in to echo the sentiments above, my Daysack XL has been my go-to bag for last 6 years for virtually anything from going to the shops to skiing/climbing. It's been through hell and back and looks to have another 20 years in it. Cheers Jordan!

  • Done, fantastic to hear your coming back.

  • Done! Hope you are back soon.

    Would love to get a roll top daysack from you sometime.

  • Survey done.
    I'm a fan of your products and the buying experience.

  • Great news, my custom stuff sack is still going strong 3 years

  • Only just seen this but the survey seems to be closed? Still got a daysack; indestructible really. Good to hear you might come back!

  • Missed the survey.
    Still use my daysack a lot and the mini messenger from time to time. Hip pouch and all my on the road tools went missing a few years back.
    Would very much be in the market for getting some more of your stuff if you come back

  • This is great news! I hope the mini messenger comes back It would be perfect for my needs. Also whatever else you make tbh.

    My hip pouch is many years old now, still surviving mess life, battered but intact, not a drop of water gets in on those torrential work days. Reckon it'll last forever.

  • Want to hear from everybody but it has a 100 response limit, if you wanna chat to me about anything just message me on here,

    It's pretty clear to me that you guys want to see me back, and I really appreciate that. I'll be coming back, and it'll likely be in the next two months.

    Catch up with you all soon! I'll post any updates here and the instagram will be coming to life again too.

  • I can just echo what others have said. My day sack is 6 years old and has seen a lot of use. It’s just about worn in I’d say.

  • I really like my mini saddle bag.

  • Still using my custom backpack (post­) daily, the stretchy pockets have held up surprisingly well, even if a little baggy now

  • Great to hear your are coming back (except that I bought a custom bag from someone else!). One thing they did was to make mine out of off cuts - I think it’s a good move to try and reduce impact, reuse as much as possible etc so if that can be included in your work in the future that would be ace!

  • One of the many reasons to love the daysack.

    Allowed me to carry a fully built bike to work yesterday morning without any hassle whatsoever.

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  • I've used a mini messenger to carry a frame home too... top tube through the roll top, no problems whatsoever just had to remember not to the weave through traffic!

  • Still got my hip pouch, my bag and my rack bag going strong. Would be psyched for more of your work

  • Love to see it!

    The products coming back will likely be the tool roll, mini seatpack (v2), completely new rackless bar bag, hip bag (similar to the ones i did for mercredi if you're in the know) possibly a small set of panniers and a duffelsack (v2) as the flagship backpack. There's going to be price increases, but well within what you'd expect for this market.

    The model I'm going to use for selling will be stock on the small bits, custom slots every 3-4 weeks for the bags and a splattering of "drops" which will be mostly me having some fun with limited edition bags.

    Really appreciate everyone's feedback on the survey. I was originally going to post it elsewhere but you guys gave me 100 responses in 18 hours! It was very helpful for setting out how I want to do things.

    My new machinery is on the way, am mostly just tieing things up with my current line of work and doing some prototyping. Will be back in Sept.

  • HIP BAG! Beam me up Scotty!

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For Sale: British made backpacks and daysacks

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