Another effing Pompino

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  • That's really nice, which tyres are you using?

  • Tape is synthetic cork by Serfas.
    Tyres are Panaracer Pasela TG Folding 700x32c.

  • How did you find using Rival cranks single speed? Interesting idea. Ok chain line?

  • Absolutely perfect chain line with a standard Shimano freewheel and the chainring on the inside position (as in my current setup). Very quiet and smooth.
    Chain lines were both pretty decent on the Dingle Fixed setup too, so I've been considering a Dos Eno and Double Chainring setup (along with proper CX tyres) to make it a bit more trail-friendly.

  • Looks tidy

  • Absolutely love this.. really want to build something similar now. Nice work mate!

  • Looks nice!

    I too have one very much like this planned (same frame / colours) for some SSCX experimentation over winter. Just awaiting a rather large delivery of components to complement the forks, rims, and spokes I have so far. Yes, it's going to be a while...

  • Hey Mr. B!
    Since I'm a newbie here I cannot send you a private message.
    I am just about to order a Pomp frame, but I can't decide which size. I am about 185cm tall, I thought I'll get a large or extra large one (54/57cm top tube).
    Could you tell me how tall you are and what size is yours?
    Also, on the On-One website there is no brake cable holder mount shown on the wishbone. How is that possible that yours came with that?
    Thanks in advance!

  • I'm 178cm and I bought a Large. Glad I didn't buy a Medium. Stem is 100mm.
    It seems that most (if not all) new M/L/XL Pomps come with the cable stop on the rear wishbone. I didn't care whether it did or not.
    If you're concerned, it's probably best to check before you buy one.

  • All right, thanks for the quick response. What about the stem rise? With how many degrees can I reach a completely horizontal stem?

  • Mine's a 10 degree, and I have 20mm or so of spacers under it.

    To get a totally horizontal stem; Since the head tube angle is ~73 degrees, I'd say a -17 degree or thereabouts.
    The Pomp is such an odd 'leaned-back'-looking frame though - whoever said some Pomps look like a cartoon dog screeching to a halt totally nailed it.
    I think it looks odd with a horizontal stem.

  • Jesus, that cable bend on the cable hanger is pretty out there, modulation is still ok?

  • Not my bike. Can't recall where I found the pics.

  • Another good reason for fork mounted hangers. I've always found front cable routing on cantis a PITA.

  • Another good reason for v--brakes.


    In other news, I got bored of the original paint. Now in primer.

  • I've never liked a Pomp until now. Really really nice build that!

  • Cheers fella.

    New paint job was completed on Thursday, and is curing for a few days before the rebuild. I also need the LBS to source me a new (black) GXP BB.
    Here's a sneak peek.

  • that looks awesome!

  • please tell me you painted the forks to match, that would of been awesome

  • All back together again, complete with matching fork...

    All rattlecans, bar the black splatters which are opaque airbrush ink. Logos are all paint.
    I had an inferno orange GT Outpost back in 1992 so this is something of a tribute. The acid yellow is from the ultimate GT of the era, the Xizang. Really enjoyed myself with this, but I'm betting the paint will look a bit fucked by springtime!

    Geared down to 39x17T too, for more fire-road fun.

  • that is awesome.

  • by far, the best pompino ever.

  • Congrats Mr B, best Pompino ever! The paint is awesome.

  • Cheers, glad it's gone down well. One more pic I forgot to put up last night:

  • Best pompino I've seen... Apart from the handle bar grip... ;)

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Another effing Pompino

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