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  • Been thinking about doing a taster session at Manchester velodrome so popped in to see how to go about it, how much it would be, can i use my bike and is there only certain parts you can run. (cranks, ratio, cleats)

    Got told to fill a form in online and i can phone up and ask only after 48hrs. Would of saved the guy on reception some effort if he just said "fuck off". Similar experience when i came to watch a friend training on the BMX track.

    So is there anyway of doing a taster session on the track without dealing with British cycling? Or is it a weird handshake type of thing?

  • Well as its nothing to do with British cycling it should be possible! However their is a certain culture within the building for sure!

  • Sounds a bit dodgy to me, Idris why don't you complain to Manchester city council (who run the national cycling centre)? Because I don't think posting on here will help much.

    I've always found the reception staff more than helpful.

  • Probably just caught that particular staff member on an off day. We all have them.

  • Just thought i could find out a rough idea of costs and what kind of setups they allow? Know there is some on here that ride at manchester that might know the correct handshake ;)

    Guessing i cant use my day to day tyres, but can you still run clinchers?
    Crank lengths, crank bros pedals, certain cogs any particular frame fork combos not allowed?

  • Nah, there's one young rudeboi who is chronically unhelpful, rude and generally a bit of a teat. There's a PDF you can download but you will most likely be track legal if

    A. It's a track bike
    B. 165 cranks

    Your not supposed to run road tyres either. All you have to do is call up and book on a taster session, no handshakes required..

  • Nah, there's one young rudeboi who is chronically unhelpful, rude and generally a bit of a teat.


    Not surprising really, the place is in a bit of a rough area.

    Does this fellow have blond hair btw?

  • Need to swap the cranks over then i run 172.5 campag mirage. Any recommendations within a reasonable budget?

    Young rudeboi type sounds about right be suprised if he ever had blonde hair though.

    Bit muddy for a track bike when i popped in :) but this is my fixed

  • Its all on here­99/preparing-for-your-taster-session.pdf­
    or here­ide-the-velodrome

    Either way our club have booked many sessions and friends have gone and done a taster as well. I would just hire a dolan for the session and that way avoid washing your own bike, changing the cranks, covering any brazeons, swapping the tyres.

    I hope that helps


  • Whilst you can ride clinchers the guidance is v.specific on brands, i.e. Yes to Schwalbe No to Michelin. It's all about grip.

    I coach on the dusty side, doing my hours on the wellydome side too.

    Links given above should guide you nicely, gimme a shout if you need more info. I'm not a spokesperson for the NCC or the staff tho.

  • I've been to 2 taster sessions run by some on cyclechat. I hired a bike and shoes, all in it cost about £23 iirc. Really enjoyed both sessions.

  • LOLZ!

    Not surprising really, the place is in a bit of a rough area.

    Does this fellow have blond hair btw?

    Nah, he's really young, I think he has corn rows. Ghetto chap. Kisses his teeth a lot down the phone.

  • Your bike should be okay, with a swapover of chainset, and lose the freewheel.

    I have never even had a bike checked, saying that it's always been clean, pristine and looking like a track bike, as oppose to a fixie*

    No offence..

    *such a dirty word

  • yeah that sounds like the chap, no freewheel here 53 18/16

  • Ah, well t'other sprocket then

  • clean .. and looking like a track bike

    This should do you fine, even better if you walk in with it over your shoulder with the wheels in covers.

    As long as everything's pretty much in order (see helpful links available on the manchester velodrome website!) no-one will pay too much attention to gearing and crank lengths etc., as long as you generally look like you know what you're doing and don't draw too much attention to yourself.

    Basically doing a taster session couldn't be easier and there's nothing "secret handshake" to it. Just be sensible!

  • This topic got me wondering would there be appetite amongst NW Lfgss'ers for a couple of tasters as private bookings to work on getting Blue slip as a group together?

    Would need 16 riders to make it viable money-wise... start a list if you like, but at present I can't guarantee owt beyond collecting names of interested folks. If enough interest, I'll chat to NCC Velo folks about dates.

  • If happily travel, I've been thinking of trying to go there and stay over a few days and get as much done in a few days as possible.

  • I'd be up for a group booking to get the Blue Slip......

  • I'd be up for this

  • Interested.

  • North Easterners welcome?

  • If we get enough to sort a date and time you'd be welcome for sure.

  • If the trip could be booked a month or so in advance I will use it as an excuse to visit my parents up there as well, I'd love to ride up there.

  • If its a month from now or more, I'd be interested.....just need a bit more time for my busted elbow to recover.

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Manchester Velodrome

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