Ex ANC Halfords Team Bike Restoration

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  • From what I got last year Watson's bike 3.87.3536, my bike 3.87.3532, also asked Adrian Timmis & it tallied up with his but can find the message he sent me with his frame number. They are all team issued bikes from 1987, I'd guess Watson's bike is his Tour de France bike as is Adrain's. Have also said to Adrian recently we should take the bikes to his shop for a picture of all three together?

  • Did you find out what race this was from? I remember the picture and probably have it in old 'Winning' magazines in my loft. I think it's an early season race (of course cos what Joey's wearing!), possiby Paris-Nice, possibly '87 or even '86. I could try and find the 'Winning' magazine to confirm if you haven't found out as yet. I haven't read all the posts, but the bike looks fantastic!

    Agree its early season and possibly Paris-Nice would have to be '87 as by bike it '87 team issue

  • How about taking the bikes to Adrian's on July 5th unless your busy as it seams an apt day.

  • How about taking the bikes to Adrian's on July 5th unless your busy as it seams an apt day.

    I'll make contact with Adrian see if he's up for it

  • How about taking the bikes to Adrian's on July 5th unless your busy as it seams an apt day.

    Can you make contact with me Malcolm Elliott is after the loan of a bike mine is too small but told him you may be able to help. I can give you further details etc once you make contact. Thanks. He can also put you in contact with Paul Watson

  • Hi, i have bought a Peugeot Perthus Pro 753R frame set ands i am wanting to do a rebuild like yours.
    Could you help with details i.e. graphics etc etc?
    Thank you,


  • ANC Halfords 1986 Copper framed plaque i have

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  • Sorry had issues with my old account so had to set up a new one.

    The frame is basically a Perthus Pro so you'll be able to build up a replica. I had all of the decals remade to match the originals from H Lloyd Cycles so they'll still have all the artwork to make a set up for you. As for colour again I got it colour matched I don't have any codes as it was mixed for me, the closest stock colour is Pearl White. As for the saddle buy a white Turbo and get it re-coloured The Leather Doctor in Nottinghamshire can do it.

    If you go through my posts and pictures you'll get all the details you need for location of logo's colours etc.

    The rest of the build it pretty stock Campag C Record (cobalto brakes), Sigma rims, Wolber tubs, Cinelli 1R stem & Giro bars, TA bottle cages

  • Great to hear from you and thanks for the info.

    Who did the paint job? ….. I shall read your full postings as its probably on there.

    Been told that copper plaque is pretty rare have you seen one before?

  • I need to get the bike pump weld on the headset removed if possible, also the shape and placement details of the riders number bracket on top tube, also is the chain hold pin on the rear chain stay there to keep the chain on the frame when wheel removed?

  • Have spoken to the people that sprayed the frame, can you let me know your name as they will have your paint details on record, not the job of ANC Halfords it will be written under your name ?

  • Just awesome, feckin stunning, congrats on a masterpiece

  • Can you supply your name so H Lloyd can get the details of your frame colour etc?

  • Hi again, can you give me your name details so H Lloyd can find your frame details?

  • H Lloyd does not have what you might call a sophisticated 'filing system'

  • Hi ColnagoDaft,

    I spoke to them, they need the customers name so they can look it up

  • Just remembered its Ellis Briggs who sprayed the frame

  • H Lloyd will have the order under Lee Nichols but I took the frame to him so he could make up the decals to match the originals, Reynolds 753r decals are NOS not remakes. Paint & chrome where done by Ellis Briggs, they sent it off to a company in Manchester for the chrome

  • Hi Lee.

    All in what was the cost including chrome and spraying and decals put on?

  • I just came across your restoration. I also have an ex- ANC Halfords Bike- I believe it was crashed out of the Nissan Classic years ago and the bike shop owner I worked for, got it from a peugeot distributor. It number is 3.87.3529.

    I had mine resprayed a fter a crash to a different colour scheme but after looking at your results I am going to get it restored to its original.

  • Any photos of the bike?

  • Ellis Briggs used to just take their frames for respray painted down the road by Bob Jackson. Weirdly they were cheaper than going direct to Bob Jackson.

  • As I remember it came into the shop with the handlebars messed up, no wheels or seat or seat post. There was no name on the frame or ANC on the top tube. Pictures of it in its original white. Then I crashed it and dented the top tube so had it repaired and re-sprayed as you see it now, serial numbers still visible. Still have all the campag c-record components and cobalto brakes.

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  • Definitely an ‘87 team issue bike, looks a similar size to mine.

  • Are you planning on restoring to original ?

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Ex ANC Halfords Team Bike Restoration

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