Ex ANC Halfords Team Bike Restoration

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  • Just started a total restoration of an ex ANC Halfords team bike rode by Joey Mcloughlin, a very rare iconic British classic that had been in my mates shed rusting away. Hoping to get it back to show condition. Frame is off for a complete re-spray & chrome once the decals have been made exactly to match the existing. Photo’s in link will update as I progress


  • This build excites me, keeping eyes peeled! Good luck.

  • Excellent find! I remember Joey's milk race and Kellogg's tour wins - shame he didn't make the '87 Tour, he was a classy rider.
    Look forward to seeing how this progresses
    Great pic of the man in action on your flickr feed too!

  • Very nice. Lucky you.
    But how did it get into your mate's shed?

  • Terry Dolan had it on display in his shop just as the team folded in 1987 / 88. Terry agreed to sell it to my mate. At that point Terry & Joey where behind Couguar. My mate rode it as his best bike, and I've spent the last 20 years trying to buy it off him.

    New decals being made up to match the existing, this with the re-spray means frame will be back in 4 - 5 weeks which gives me time to work on the other parts

  • More photos of the frame added, given the new chrome & bespoke decals it going to take 3+ months, which gives me time to sort out restoring the components. The polishing starts this weekend


  • this is brilliant, recently Elliot"s hour record bike was debated on this forum! Of course he never did the hour! This is the real deal, Joey was something of a wasted talent! Def get orange suede saddle, maybe a cinelli one!

  • Yeh Joey was a great bike rider if his knee hadnt let him down

    Got the original orange turbo, found a specialist car upholsterers who can re-cover it exactly with the exception of the Turbo livery

  • Groupset in part totally restored - NOS bolts, jockey wheels, brake hoods etc plus hours and hours of stripping down and polishing. NOS rims on there way from Campyoldy, to match the originals, plus NOS Wolber tubulars

    Next step – work on chainset, bottom bracket, headset & seat post.


  • That is shaping up to be one shmexi bike

  • Lovely build!

    If it was mine, i'd would have left it as-is. I know the paintwork isn't great, but it's the original. It's got all the scratches where he's leant it against things and the original patina that was achieved by neglect in a shed, it tells the story of the bike. I think once it's painted it will just be another nice looking vintage bike.

    I recently sat in a racing car driven by the one and only Steve McQueen. This thing was smelly inside, worn steering wheel, worn pedals, scratches over the whole car, repairs that had been made to do no other than to keep the car going, but this was genuinely the most incredible car I have ever had the pleasure to sit in, you could feel the history.

    Like I say this is my opinion and what you are doing to the bike is amazing, those parts are going to look great!

  • The frame needed a full restoration mainly to treat the surface rust as 753 is so thin, it had been left in a cold damp shed for years. The re-spray will be exactly I have even bought NOS decals where available or had them made exactly, plus measured to the mm so they go back in the same place. Luckily for me the groupset and other bits had been striped and stored in a warm loft so only needed a strip down and replacing a few bolts, jockey wheels etc that where shot. I have replaced with NOS exactly as the original regardless of cost. It’s starting to get a bit of an obsession and I’m getting anal about the detail.

  • Holy crap. This is going to be amazeballs.

  • Cobalto Brakes....

    Man is doing it right - It just gets better and better.

  • Some more goodies have arrived, new rims to match the existing, the originals where beyond use. The hubs cleaned up nicely so they are now being built up by a great wheel builder at my LBS, who’s going to use the same spoke paten & spokes.

    I managed to obtain some NOS Wolber tubs. These are Neo Pro. The team where sponsored by Wolber, but it’s hard to confirm which ones they generally used. Neo Pro’s where top end from the time, so best I can do given the rarity of NOS tubs.

    Cinelli IR stem is back from being re-anodised. Had to destroy the original bars as the stem was stuck, so compromised by fitting new Cinelli Giro d’Italia, which are a remake of the originals.

    Toe straps where missing so purchased NOS Campag Record.


  • Having spent the morning training & afternoon polishing bike parts, have realised the original bar tape is Benotto but yellow and not orange, it seems ANC had yellow on there TDF bikes, my mate who I bought it from said this was Joey’s TDF bike so this may be true – he didn’t ride due to knee injury, but the bike would haven been built in advance. I’ve looked at Adrian & Malc’s TDF bikes and they are identical to mine.

  • Restoration has got to that frustrating stage where I’m waiting for items to be returned from the re-furbishers, or re-builders. I was hoping to have it built by now, but will have to be more patient. In the meantime I’ve managed to get my hands on a genuine Assos top from the era. Cant say it was actual team issue but it’s the real deal. Link to photo below.


  • Christmas has come again, wheels are back, after the re-build, NOS Wolber tubs glued, now need to clean up the block, Chain set / chain rings at huge cost have been re-anodised with the Campag logo, I installed NOS bolts, so it looks as good as new. Had to buy NOS TA Specialities bottle cages, but also managed to get some Isostar bottles to match the ones used by ANC team. Headset polished up like new, but had to by a NOS top nut. See link to the recent photos.

    Almost everything is now ready for the return of the frame which shouldn’t be too long


  • just found this - looks incredible!

  • lovely combination of tubs and rims!

  • The colour of those rims is magnificent, but surely Joey wasn't using tub tape.......?

  • [QUOTE=Rik Van Looy;3544495]The colour of those rims is magnificent, but surely Joey wasn't using tub tape.......?

    Very observant, but you are right, just couldn’t be bothered with all the mess of glue

  • this is awesome-Pug team bikes have their own aura because of the likes of Millar and Elliott riding the Milk Race... lucky man to get your hands on one with this history and love the re-build!

  • More goodies arrived this week, firstly a Campagnolo 7 speed freewheel, OK not original to the bike but I’ve wanted one since a kid. The original Sachs has been cleaned up and will be kept.

    Secondly the new decals which have been made to exactly match the originals by Nick at H Lloyd Cycles, the Reynolds 753r are NOS as Nick has a large stash given he is the authorised agent for Reynolds.

    I took the frame to Nick and he took copies of the decals and matched the colours so they are exact. Great service well recommended. http://www.hlloydcycles.com/page6.htm

    Only thing now is for the frame to come back from being re-chromed apparently its 4 weeks off, return of the saddle, and then I can get it built up. 6 weeks and I should be done, question is what then?

    Link below to current photos


  • Splendid.....

    Freewheel porn!

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Ex ANC Halfords Team Bike Restoration

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