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  • Hey guys, Alicia from Seattle, some of you might have met her at the worlds, has been living in Brussels for a while and is coming to visit next week. Has anyone got a place for her to crash for a few nights? she'll be arriving Weds/Thurs Morning and going to oxford on sat/sun

    She's "leash" on the forum, but can't start her own thread

  • YO! that's ME!!

    max pretty much summed it up nicely, thanks to bike polo i don't-have-to-live-like-a-refugee but that's pretty much what i am.... belgium doesn't want me back for a minute, visas/borders are all bullshit but whatevers.

    really looking forward to visiting good ol london town, been on my list since i was 10 or so... really should have been at the Open, really really, but ran out of money in Berlin. Also should have been at Polomotion in Utrecht but that's when I was getting in all this good trouble here in Dublin.

    anyway, let's be friends and what not, i want to play polo at NIGHT... was supposed to be in barcelona this week to get that fix but again, schengen is against me at the mo.

    i'm a pro couhsurfer and good craic all around, if i do say so myself. so... hit me up!

    cheers thanks <3

  • you can stay in my flat on friday and saturday, (i'll be in paris) I can leave keys with my neighbour, max has my number...

  • What's that? Party at B's house?

  • adam bring your hat!

  • The hat died the year u got older...maybe a memorial party will be held. Jono get the LHBPA smoke machines fired up!

  • well if no one contacts me soon they aint gonna be a party

  • B, Im outside your flat where'd you put the keys?

  • yo skootz (b? blunts?),

    that's awesome, thanks dude. i was just trying to see how i could send you a private message but i'm still a wee baby in the nursery....

    maybe you can send me a private message and let me know where your place is etc? or whatevers clever...

    anyone else wanna host me wed/thurs night? or just thurs night? or whatever?

    hostel super near a court? oi

  • post #3

    count it

  • I'll be at work 9-6 in the week but you are welcome to crash in my living room, I have no internet at home at the moment though so will only be able to reply to things Monday morning.

    If anything needs to be sorted this ugently post it on here, I'm sure I'll be seeing someone who reads this thread over the weekend. Or M A X can text me.

  • Post #4

    Count it

  • just tryin to get that PM hookup... yep

    moog that sounds great, seems as tho there was some confusion as for when i am coming etc, um yeah i should be arriving wednesday morning, can do whatever until whenever i can get into that comfy-ass living room, 6pm you say? well if there's not polo by that time of the evening, i can meet you, but ideally you will be able to find me at whatever wednesday night polo court is most convenient to your place........ so tell me that and the rest is sorted ;D

    lovely lovely, thanks guys

  • we should be playing at souths, newington gardens SE1 http://maps.google.co.uk/?ie=UTF8&t=h&so­urce=embed&ll=51.49779,-0.095771&spn=0.0­0168,0.004452&z=18

    but yeah ring me when you get in and i might be able to take you there

  • cool, i'll study my maps and be okay, i checked out the newington courts on gmaps before, when i thought i was going to the Open... yep....

    turns out I'm gonna leave Dublin tomorrow night instead, so I'm arriving Tuesday morning, if anyone wants to host me Tues night, cool, if not I'll sort something out. No panic.

    Max I'll give you a call during the day Tuesday to see if/when polo's up etc. coooooool.

  • sorry leash i was confused i thought you were here this weekend just gone.

  • I can vouch that Alicia is a good person.

    Unlike most polo folk. Bunch of bastards.

  • Emmet, shouldn't you be off fucking some first years, or at least trying to.

  • He hates it when you say shit like that... Do it some more...

  • Tomorrow is good with me too, polo should be at Mitch like M A X said and I can collect you from there. Pretty sure it will be ok for you to stay round the whole duration of your time in the UK but if you want a change of sofa/to stay with someone who isn't at work all day I won't be offended.

  • good shit, i'll find max, find the court, find you, find sleep, should all be grand

    thanks fellas

    i love you emmet <3 mmmmmmmmmm

  • BUMP

    Tim from east van is gonna be in town for a couple days on Wednesday before heading off for rouen/karlsruhe. Can anyone hook him up with a place to stay?

  • bump. anyone? i already got one canadian at my house!

  • I would but there will be a non polo refugee in my living room this week.

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